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  • Hi Kyoudokuro

    I saw your comment on Lacia's MFC page. May I enquire if it is still available? Thank you!

    PS: Yes, I am from Singapore too!

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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2968123Yup they're trustworthy. They always rent a table at csc on sunday at lvl 2 corner. For first time customer u need to deposit 20% of the item's price.. so about $10. I ordered nendoroid cynthia from they also! Or u can camp for her at hobby search / hlj website during her release, but it's about the same price since hobby search shipping and retail price is a bit more expensive than amiami.

    Ahh i see,i think i'll try them out! thankyou so much :D
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2968098Hey! Saw that u were looking for Nendoroid Marika. Omocha house still has her for $52 if u're interested www.omochahouse... and the deliver to ur mrt location on certain timing www.omochahouse...

    Heyy,they're trustable right?
    Just curious,that's after release price or? I'm thinking of getting her but have to pay deposit first or?
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2806882No love for Seishiro?? 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Marika should be easy to get after her release if u didn't
    wait too long, some shops bring in extras or ppl cancel their order. Checkout amiami/hobby search or pay a few more dollars at local shops like rapid culture,toycoin, zepy games and etc.. I still can find Onodera at a little more expensive but still affordable price now.
    Okay, i'll check out some photoshop tutorials when i'm free. I was pretty terribad when i used them last time.

    Heh nope! I haven't watch the show yet.
    I'll check,i hope can thou... but actually i need to stop getting nendoroids already :(
    Hahah dont worry,you're not the only one too,my skills sucks also,i just try to hide hahahaha adding layers!!!! :v

    Basically,if the overall okay,edit abit can already!
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2806361Don't lose hope! There is already some progress goodsmilecompan... If more people does that, it's inevitable.
    Yeah i'll take some pictures of chitoge when all the girls are out ^^ Wo-class too someday.. when
    i acquire a better equipment.

    Omg,that's good news!!!!
    Argh,then i left marika...which i regret hestitating & now i cant get her..
    Hmm if you've photoshop,that program will help alot!
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2795426Okayy thanks for the advice ^^ haha yeah i was lucky to preorder wo-class during last year's wonfes and bought chitoge early before she became expensive.
    Just wait for Chitoge's rerelease! It is most likely she will be since there will be a season 2 for the show this year and u can try request for it here partner.goodsmi...
    As for wo-chan your only hope are local events like chara expo, stgcc and afa. Sometimes they bring back past year wonfes items. Even so, u gotta be there real early if they are selling it.

    So lucky!
    I actually found both of them in japan BUT,i hesitated...so.. QAQ SO MUCH REGRET NOW.
    I tried asking them last few weeks back,they say for now..no news but will take in my consideration of re-releasing. But for now,not sure yet. Hopefully! I wanna take chitoge's photo lah..
    I tried waking up but eh..im still late.
    Wo class & chitoge really look good in photos,you should take themmmmmm !
    I'm always late for those exclusive ones ... luck i guess.
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2795315Such dedication Σ(゜ロ゜;) i heard lens aren't cheap either.. i probably should save up for a good
    camera, but not now. Look forward to your new pictures ^^

    Camera are expensive but that camera was given to me as a birthday present & more of maybe can vlog,blog for my japan trip,memories i guess. It's a heart pain that's why gotta make full use of it,thankyou!
    I always tried to take more but ended up lazy to edit them.. D:
    Looking for nendoroid parts to do photoshoot too,actually if you want good photos,even if you're using a normal camera phone,with photoshop edit,it'll turn into nice photos too !

    (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\ just realize you've chitoge & wo class! I WANT THEMMMMM D:~
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2793757heyhey! You've got a good taste in figures =D

    Thank you ^^ thanks for supplying me with some awesome nendos!
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2793937I think they're pretty good already =D how much did your camera cost?

    Hahha thanks thanks,need to buck up more liao!
    About $700,we bought it right before epl-7 out & not much regret uh,epl-7's screen flips down easier for selfie but most important is the lens...need to invest QAQ
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    Kyoudokuro5 anno/i fa#2793767Hey, i saw u were on ani-things fb page so i added u =D
    Awesome Momo shrine u have there!

    thank you :D
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