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Updated Sept. 21st 2018

Been playing Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live. help save me from idol hell.

Thanks to trying FGO, I finally got around to mainline Fate. I only played Fate/Extra on PSP back in the day, but now I've gotten thru two routes of Stay Night. After I play the VN, I'll watch the anime and stuff.
Also have an excuse to delve more into Fate nendos now lol (tho I did already have a few.) I love you Shirou <3. I hope you like your new shirt! :D

Still collecting nendoroids, but sadly they have started a collection of their own- dust!

Fan of Mystic Messenger, and collecting merch. Check my blog for more nonsense, lol - link


My dolls' names are Chul-soo, Seong-min (the MC that dates V) and Ji-hyun (V).

Witch hunter robin, detective conan, 12 Kingdoms
Boogiepop phantom, xxxholic, Narnia
Visual novels, Fate Extra, Akiba's Trip, Dark Cloud, .hack//IMOQ



Ehhh I’m working on quite a few. I’m partway through Overhaul from Hero Academia and have parts for several others I’ve been collecting. I think I now have all the parts for Todoroki, some for Eri and Uraraka. Was starting some from Hunter x Hunter, then GSC announced them! @_@;; lol...
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thnx ^^
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Thank you and NP :).I hope to add more Yugioh,Soul eater and Uta Prince Sama to my collection soon though Yugioh(out of the sides and mangas are,I’m also a Yugioh card collector and currently learning how to play the game,how many ways to summon),Soul eater(outside of the manga) and Uta Prince Sama stuff is limited in where I am.True I can order stuff from sites but you know
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Thank you,I like yours too.I like your Attack on titan,Fate,Love Live,CardCaptor Sakura,Hatsune Miku,Haikyuu,Prince-Sama,Amnesia and Diabolik lovers, Collection
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I see, haha.
And see ya!
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Thank you! love the pic =D Kaitou Kid is life <3
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Yeah I think that's the common complaint about BAW is players didn't realize it was more plot-focused than romance-focused. Which I'm pretty cool with as well since it adds more diversity to the genre. There seems to be a lot of mysteries to uncover in the game.

Maybe you can switch out the pillow cases once in a while? I hope they make pillows for MM Another Story since there's already an enamel pin set. I'm actually hoping they will make a Rika route eventually (there are some details in the game that hint this may be a possibility). I know a lot players don't like Rika, and she is heavily villainized in Ray's route, but there are some interesting points that were brought up about her in V's route that I would like to see expanded on.
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The first season of UtaPri is the best imo so you're a fan in my book lol! I usually only recommend the first two seasons to people since I feel like they really started to stray away from the original intentions of the games afterwards.

I think White Mask is usually recommended for the end. But to be fair, I probably would want play his earlier on too since I do like masks as well LOL. BAW seems to focus more on plot/world-building than character development/romance? A lot of common complaints I hear from my friends who play otome games is romance isn't as big of a focus as they'd like.

Ahh the main guy is Alma, I think? (Red hair, right?) And I guess bat guy is there for the fanservice lol. Though he does have that whole stereotypical delinquent look going on. I forgot a lot of information about the main group of guys since I'm more interested in the NPCs LOL.

Edit: I keep forgetting to mention this, but I love that you have all the Mystic Messenger emoticon pillows on your profile! Have you been playing Ray's route by any chance?
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Thank you! This is kind of embarrassing but I haven't actually had a chance to play Bad Apple Wars yet LOL. I read some walkthroughs and summaries when the game was only in Japanese and adore Gas Mask-sensei (Suou's art style + gas mask = Yes). I agree the OST is pretty great! Which routes have you played so far if you don't mind me asking?
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Lehst (1 anno/i fa) #30897180I love your profile. <3
Thank you! (*^▽^*)
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