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Too many Miku not enough space!
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Hi, I’m LMC and welcome to my page! I started collecting in the summer of 2018, and still enjoy the hobby. I am hoping to collect cute and beautiful figures of my favorite characters!

Selling goods, and figures, please see the list "Selling", and feel free to contact me with any inquiries, thanks!

Source for for profile pic artist is Taro-K twitter.com/Tar...



Thanks bro :D I realle Appreciate it
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Love your collection!
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Hi I use peach nendoroid doll with Bakugo. Cream too pale and pink.
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thank u very much :D
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My pleasure!
Thank you very much! Since we seem to like things in common, it was natural. Your profile and collection are also lovely: so "red and blue" haha!
I couldn't resist for the photo of Asuka, the colors matched so well!
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nearly a week later
Thanks for the birthday wishes! ╮(╯▽╰)╭
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Thank you!! I like your Miku profile pic too!
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thank you for accepting my fr a month ago!! :D
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Personally I feel like people give a big pass to PUP because it's priced like a prize figure and has some interesting characters, but I don't really think they are worth the money at all. It sounds like yours had more paint issues while mine had more sculpt issues. Hope it sells soon!
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I think you and I got the same PUP racing Miku, lol. My sculpt on her hair was so mediocre, so were her feet, but her paint was so/so. What was the sculpt like on yours?
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Import from Japan


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My Collecting Rules

Time Limit: Between buying/preordering figures I try to wait 1 month.
Price Limit: Individual figures limit is $200. Limit per month is $250.
Prepay/Budget Ahead: When possible I prepay for figures when preordering. If not possible or wait time is delayed, I will add figure and price to LIST #135934.
Reasonable Wishlist: MFC Wishlist function is used only for figures I will be 100% getting. Those in consideration go to LIST #136804. Any figure purchased should have been on either list.
It Sparks Joy: Figures in my collection need to either my absolute favorites or very well liked. If a figure is simply cute or pretty but not special, I will set it aside, and considered further. Figures that I have grown out of love with will be sold.
Mini Rule for Goods: Collect only goods that I can reasonably display or use.