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hello,i had preordered Luka on Big in Japan if you want her please PM me :)
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Good day to you ^___^
I ran into your profile while looking for more female collectors like me. And goodness, we are both Vietnamese female collectors who live in Texas @___@. Wow, coincidence ^___^
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Lightning00ITEM #10237
Though I look through your sold list and saw you use to own it haha

Oh! Shouldn't be too hard to find and yeah I did have it once, probably the most stable one out of all the exia forms.
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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
Lightning00Yeah I really like this kit(mostly because it was red haha), got it as a backorder from Amiami about 2 months back. Trying to get some new model kit but I'm not which one to get
Oh what other ones are you interested in?
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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
Just noticed you have the red astray! I trying to get one myself :p
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Stalking Loli hunter
Lightning00Hey I saw your comment on somewhere cheaper on BiJ for figma Kuroneko and wanted to let you know Miobotique offer it a bit cheaper(300 yen) then BiJ.

mioboutique.blo... if you're interested

i already ordered from bij, but thank you anyway <3

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Hey, you have a nice small collection.
Regarding your RO nendo she's still for sale at a lot of places like:
amongst others!
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Lightning00Well someone said that the post have to be moderated first before it can appear on front page, and it takes a while :\(which kinda sucks bleh). But after that it should appear on front page quickly after the first post[?]
I figured it was something like that, though in the past it's only taken about a day to appear. I guess they must have a lot of backed-up posts right now. I'll keep waiting. Thanks a lot for letting me know. ^^
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Actually, I had the same problem as well until I sent a note to Danny saying my posts weren't showing and one of his friends said back that some posts need to be moderated before they can show up on the front page. I waited a while and then My posts started showwing . I hope this helps XD Lightning00Sorry for the random question, but on figure. fm I saw your post on the front page before and was wondering how do you make your post featured/visible? I'm having some problem making it visible/showing on front page or even showing up on the section I'm trying to post it in
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Lightning00Hey I saw your post on the split-box on figure.fm and wonder if you were ever able to figure out how to make the post featured because I'm having the same problem as well.

If you haven't I'll try to let you know since I'm trying to solve the same problem as well

No, I haven't figured it out yet. ^^; If I find out first, I'll let you know too. Thanks.
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