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Hey! No problem! Right now I'm fast with responses but as my new job is starting next week, I will get a lot more busy again!

Yeah they recently raised it to 18 as 16 was indeed very young. From what I understand Russia is the country with the lowest drinking age (14, unless they changed it recently). I do think 21 is a bit late?

Well, student life is very different in Europe than the USA, so I'm not sure how much I can be of help. The only advice I can think of right now is to try to get a degree that you both like and would be useful in the future. Getting a boring degree for a good future will probably not make you happy, but a fun degree where you can't have any career in is also not good. To give an example, I was super interested in all kinds of arts and entertainment degrees, and I decided to go for media and project management degree as the management part can be used for a lot of different jobs (I've had jobs in finance and general administration in the past) and the media part is for the chance you can still get into a 'fun' company. ^^ 

Oh yeah I've heard good stuff about your haunted houses from my friend that lives in the USA! ^^ I would love to visit those! That Trunk or Treat sounds very fun by the way! And it's less intimidating to 'only' decorate your car instead of your full house LOL.

Awww, thank you! My website is horribly outdated though, I have not even uploaded anything from my most recently finished cosplay or J-fashion outfits. ^^'' Personal life has been a bit of a mess the last year. I will pick up again one day, I promise!

Oh yeah 3D printing is way more expensive than grabbing GK's, but 3D printing could be cheaper than handsculpting depending on how you do it. Papercrafts are a lot of fun! I used to be really into them when I was in college (it's a cheap way to be craftsy haha). It's also a lot less intimidating than most other crafts to do from Japan.

Well if you love the franchise, they are supper affordable. I would personally buy them and store them until I would feel more confident about painting. :) And maybe you are the person better with miniatures rather than big kits, you don't know yet! ;) 
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OMG RIGHT and i remember that lil paper clip guy... old operating systems are so charming i miss the look of them a lot
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omg i just realized while looking thru my comments i missed yours! i think my first operating system was xp but i cant remember exactly, i definitely remember playing solitare & minesweeper, and the screensavers like bricks & pipes ones pfpfpf!! and old ms paint was the best hehe
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Huhhh, that is curious, that depending on the type of casino the age changes. I would really think that the gambling aspect was locked to an age. You learn something new everyday. xD Also online gambling is completely illegal? Wow. There are so much websites and apps to do such things, I had no clue that places would forbid it. But hey, this comes from someone that is from a country where until very recently alcohol was allowed at 16. xD

Well, I'm pretty much up to date will wall comments and PM's, but just have no clue when I will have the time again to do big loot posts and interact with new parts of the community. And best of luck to you too!

Yeah I made the mistake of watching too much Hamtaro in a row and after a while it gets to you LOL. I'm also not a fan of long series, but they can be nice to have in the background while doing other things. Recently I went through all of Gintama haha.

Aww. :( Is there a possibility for a loan or grant for you? Of course you still have to pay it off, but assuming you get a better paying job after finishing college you should be able to do so...?

Eh, if it wasn't for so much American media being here, we wouldn't even know about Halloween. xD But as I am now also too old to do any trick or treating even if I were to travel to the USA during halloween time... And hey! Costuming can be done on any budget! If I need to be costumed for any event, I have this go-to costume which is a foam mask and an old t-shirt I painted over it. And that's it, it's made years ago from an almost $0 budget. :)

Thanks! :) And about your question for Cherry Blossom, unfortunately I can't answer it. That Yoko kit was my first purchase as a GK noob, not knowing that I was buying Thai resin (an even lower quality resin than the average fake out there). So to me that kit was absolutely a disaster, there was so much detail loss and the material was so brittle. TT^TT I assume that the real Cherry Blossom kits will be a lot better, because even if the cast would be bad, it will be higher quality resin than the monster I bought LOL. That Konata kit looks super cute by the way! If it's affordable I would go for it. :)

Yeah I remember that article! That was such a cool and high quality figure that got made! But I have run down the costs and even if I make a custom 100% myself, a GK will almost always be cheaper than my material costs to make something from scratch. I still want to make/heavily customize a figure myself one day (I have some damaged figures lying around for that actually!), but I'm still a bit too intimidated by that. I will first get to my unpainted GK's, haha!

Well, if you are sure that you want to make it one day and are already going to order at that store...the price is so cheap, you could always buy it and store it for another time? (But watch out to not become an unpainted figure hoarder like me LOL.) Ah, those Jewelpet GK's look super cute as well! But a small warning though, they are really small, so even with their simple designs they could be hard to paint. Unless you have a knack for painting miniatures of course. :) I have a lot of friends into Warhammer and I'm always amazed at their miniature work and the other way around they don't understand how I am able to paint something so big LOL.
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(Combining both messages together. :) ) Hi! And wow that sounds cool! *checks your profile* You became 20? I thought gambling wasn't allowed in the USA before 21? :O

And that crepe looks so good! :D Nice to hear you had an enjoyable day! :)

By the way I have been reading up on blogs I missed out on recently and noticed you are quite the active user. ^^ It feels a bit strange to me to have been disconnected from this community for so long. ^^'' But hopefully I'll have the time to retun in a while. :)

Hehe I still think there is something romantic about frappe's and iced coffee. ^^ But that could be me as they are drinks both my husband and I enjoy and we rarely drink them solo.

I once started with watching all of Hamtaro in Japanese (used to know it from my local dub), but never finished it. It was super duper cute, but idk, it felt a bit childish after watching for a long period of time? I should have paced it out more and finished it. TT^TT

I'm not sure if you're up for it, but there are ways of improving communication with exercises. I'm not an expert on this (as it comes more naturally to me sorry X_X), but I remember some Reddit threads about exercises at home and in person to do so.

Ah, I see! Thanks for explaining now I understand a bit better what you were talking about haha. Don't feel the need to simply texts/paragraphs I need to practice as well. :) And as for work for me, in high school I mostly did summer and weekend jobs and only when I was in college I would also work evenings or on hours where I did not have classes. Juggling like that is pretty hard but otherwise college is no fun to afford. ^^''

Ah, so sad. :( It's weird how certain foods can get bad or good memories to them. I never lived in an area where Halloween is celebrated so I've always been a bit jealous of the things I have seen on the internet, on tv-series and movies etc. about how fun Halloween looks. I wish I could decorate everything around me in a spooky way without people thinking it's weird haha.

Once you get your practice in GK, it also becomes easier to make small alterations to prepainted figures. :) And yeah that is also something I really like. For example I have this GK: ITEM #119873 where I did not like the colors originally used on the prototype, so I made this from it: PICTURE #2252897 different accessories, slight changes to the head and completely different colors ^^ (don't judge my older work too much btw, I have improved since then :P )

Oh no for sure commissioning someone would be even more expensive than that GK haha. And luckily for me that character also has other figures, it's more that the GK has an unique take/art style on the character not seen in the prepainted figures. It also comes in prepainted resin (so you only need to shade and add some decals) which also adds in the price.

Haha no problem! Sorry for also being a bad influence on you with throwing so much in your direction that is bad for your wallet haha. :D And yeah that Lucky Star kit is so cute, it might be a good one for your first kit purchase, a character you like and it's cheap so no need to feel guilty! :)

That To Heart Kit on Yahoo! also looks super good! A general warning though, a lot of people sell fakes on Yahoo! so be sure to check the pictures and information about the seller well. That specific figure seems legit. :) It's just that I personally prefer buying GK's from actual (second hand) stores, because they do the bootleg checking for you. :)

Yes, Booth is such a nice site! I've ordered there from artists multiple times. Never bought a GK on there though, mostly small things like keychains and doujinshi booklets. A lot of Japanese people use it as their Etsy indeed and some GK sculptors sell their leftovers after an event on there as well. :) By the way if there are specific sculptors you like, some of them even offer mail-order through websites like Twitter so it's good to keep an eye out on there. :)

The corsair1 website is new to me, so I'll have to research it some more, but it looks legit from first glance! The Asuka/Shinji kit is so cute, but the material quality seems low and so many missing pieces. X_X I personally wouldn't dare to attempt this project. They're so cheap though, I hope someone picks them up and makes something beautiful! By the way these ones on that website are also very beautiful: www.corsair1.co... & www.corsair1.co... and for you this one www.corsair1.co... should also be good for a beginner. :) It even comes with a free pin that looks very cute. ^^
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Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day! :)
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Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it! I hope it was filled with lots of love and happiness for you!! <3

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oOOOhhh, I can't wait until I'm done and then we can chat about it. I love the new profile picture, looks great!
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omg! we are twinning!! i am actually watching the anime for the first time right now with a friend. we're on episode 8. which episode are you on? ;) and i love your avatar. did you draw it?
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So I know your bday is the 23rd ... but did you know that Homura's birthday is the 22nd?! You guys are basically twinsies!


me hugging you and wishing you tons of birthday happiness today <3 thanks for being such an amazing friend here on MFC, i always love chatting with you. oh, and bonus pic because i love it but it wouldn't link <3
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