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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1450

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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 2381

Thinking about selling/trading ~Part 1~450


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Note regarding selling/trading:
I am currently downsizing my collection and selling a huge amount of figures and merchandise! For feedback and currently active sales you can check out my eBay www.ebay.com/us... or send me a message on here if something from my selling lists that catches your eye!


Hello! My name is Maakie, originally from the Netherlands and nowadays living in Finland. I'm a huge fan and collector of Baccano! and I try to get my hands on everything from this franchise! My other great love is Mecha Musume, where I especially love the older designs of Humikane Shimada, but I also like newer franchises such as Kantai Collection and Strike/Brave Witches. More recently I have gotten into a Dorohedoro obsession, which I am expecting to take over more of my collection soon as well. I also have a soft spot for everything from Chrono Crusade, artist POP, Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 and Duel Monsters, Nurse Witch Komugi and horror games and movies. Next to that I still have some side-collections that are dear to me and hard to let go of!


In my free time I like working on all kinds of crafts, buying stuff for this hobby, DDR/Stepmania, games, reading, writing, photography,(J-)fashion, hanging out with friends, visiting theme parks, museums and traveling to all kinds of places I've never been before.


In the past, I used to be a huge collector, buying almost anything I liked. Nowadays these are my collecting goals:
- Baccano!
- Dorohedoro
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older Mecha Musume works --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Evil Within)
- Moetan, POP works/designs in general and items from ElectromagneticWave
- Nurse Witch Komugi and other Akio Watanabe works
- Chrno Crusade
- Ymir from Queen's Blade
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the first game)
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita
- Everything from Futaba Anzu! And maybe also start on collecting Koshimizu Sachiko and Hoshi Syoko items
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as Youjo Senki, So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho
- Make itabags for the series/franchises where I collect way too much small items from!


This also means I'm selling/trading a lot of items I used to have in my collection that don't fit these criteria anymore. Please check out
Selling or trading:
LIST #14643
LIST #96871
Thinking about selling or trading:
LIST #45514
LIST #57698
which will get a lot of updates!


I used to be very active in giving lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries (and sometimes even a bit further away). I'm not sure if I will pick this up again as my emigration has been a very busy period, next to all what happened in...2020. At this moment I only have one announced event and I'll try to keep below list updated.

Announced soon-to-give events:
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Animefest 2021


Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (listed most that are in the database, but have a long list of things I should add myself).
- List all the art books I own (work in progress).
- Index my t-shirt collection and also add it on here.
- Make proper lists for the main franchises I collect from and also display them on my profile.


I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: profile/Maakie/...

My blog, things I'm working on right now:
- More entries for my 'Maakie's Collection' blog types
- Multiple figure reviews and unboxings
- Walktroughs of multiple completed Garage Kits
- Multiple big order loots
- Blog about my progress of my Ymir cosplay

~Let me use this last bit of my profile to show off my favorite anime character!~

Jacuzzi from Baccano! is tough, kind and person you can rely on, everything one can aspire to be.

Together with his girlfriend Nice they are my favorite anime couple. Feel free to talk to me about Baccano! at any time, I can never stop rambling about this franchise.


You will open a can of worms though






Oh? You guys are going for 100% achievements on the game as well? Wow then good luck to you. I’m only one trophy away and it’s the most bothersome of them all which is the S-rank on all 8 mercenaries stages. So far I’ve managed to get SSS-rank on two of the maps, but I’m not really going for the lightsaber on this game. Just wanna 100% the game then move on to some other games in my backlog like Final Fantasy 7 remake which I still haven’t finished.

Oh I did the knife only run with the Karambit knife you get from Chris cause it’s so op. The lightsaber is barely better than it to where it doesn’t make much of a difference.

View spoilerHide spoilerWord of advice for the knife only run since I’ve seen a lot of people get tripped up by this, but hiring any enemy even the big spiked hammer boss in Chris’ section with the targeting laser will end your knife run. Going off that, hitting any enemy with the explosion of the targeting device when you’re bombing that wall of megamycete with Chris will also end your knife run. You’re better off aiming towards the very tip of the tower to increase your chance of not hitting the enemies with the actual explosion since then dying from the shockwave itself is fine. You can check your knife progress at any time during the run and it should always be at 0. Oh and flashbombs also kill your knife run so none of those either.

Tip for the 77777 money thing. The assault rifle ammo sells for 7 Lie a piece so you can use that to round you off. Selling 777 of the assault rifle ammo will also get you the exact amount to get the achievement as well.

Ah yes the lamp monster from Evil Within Dlc. I think it’s name was Shade, either way I both loved and hated all the sequences with that thing. It was so odd for a design too, heels with a lamp head and a sheet? It’s so basic and awkward, but it just somehow worked. It was as overdesigned as the guardian from Evil Within 2 (the chainsaw arm woman with like 7 heads) even though I did like its design as well.

Ah so you’ve already seen the baby Chris mod huh? I’m guessing you’ve also soon the opposite mod with rose’s head on Chris’ body? Stuff’s cursed man...

Idk if I’d count Heisenberg fully dead yet... hell I can’t even count Ethan fully dead either since we didn’t actually witness him die and there’s also that leak video thing where modders used the camera to free-roam the final cutscene with adult Rose and you see Ethan walking towards the car at the very end. I’m still very skeptical on that though, but I’m willing to latch on cause I really don’t want to play as Rose in Re9.

Ah for the bridge leading to the Heisenberg factory thing...well the village is reaaaallly old from what it says on some documents, obviously older since industrial factories where an actual thing so I think the bridge used to act as the sole entrance or exit for the village back in its original days with the 4 founders and it wasn’t till around Heisenbergs time that the factory got created and outside the village at that since he wanted it isolated from Mother Miranda since he was... you know? Building a giant metal monster army to overthrow her. That’s the way I chose to take it at least. With how medieval the whole village feels with its castles,lords, and townspeople, I just can’t imagine that the village was created with the factory from the get-go. It seems like something that Heisenberg himself would commission since he’s the only one who would actually profit from it in any real way. Least that’s how I see it.
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Ik hoop echt dat ik een deftige oplossing kan vinden, want ik ga echt pissig worden als ik een vak niet kan opnemen, gewoon omdat de studentenadviseur zo verdomd moeilijk deed dit jaar. Komt daarbij dat blijkbaar dat één bachelorvak terug zal worden opgenomen door een professor die ik totaal niet kan uitstaan en volgend academiejaar gaat echt een lachertje worden ...

Mijn uitnodiging is vrijdag officieel bevestigd; heb de brief gekregen en mijn moeder heeft het dan voor mij online bevestigd terwijl ik wat klusjes deed aangezien ze haar weg beter kent op die bepaalde site dan ik LOL
Wel raar hoe dat Finland het aanpakt :/ Nu, het is niet alsof mijn land het zoveel beter doet ...

De Europese Unie blijft gewoon een grote idioot met deze pandemie. Ze weigeren gewoon te leren van hun vorige fouten. Nu al kondigt één van de ministers hier aan dat om op reis te kunnen gaan, één prik van het vaccin zal volstaan - terwijl ze nog maar een week geleden er op stonden dat op vakantie gaan ondergeschikt was aan beide vaccinaties krijgen.
Als je mensen op reis laat gaan die maar één prik hebben gehad, kun je evengoed zelf het virus gaan rond verspreiden, want dat is exact wat er gaat gebeuren wanneer al die vakantiegangers terug zijn
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Maakie3 mese/i fa#91941536Hello! Nice to hear from you! And wow that is great how much time you had to spend on your hobbies! You already got days off planned for this Summer? I am not sure what to do yet. I'm thinking about maybe taking no days off or only minimum of days off because I rather save up my free days to 2022 where I hope 'real' vacations will be more possible again!
That's some nice work and I especially like your custom Nendoroid! I had a couple of the manga a long time ago, but never continued reading it or watched the anime. I do hear a lot of good things about that recent movie, so I do plan on watching it some time!
It's pretty wild for me to imagine the situation is so under control in Australia that people are not even wearing masks! Unfortunately the number of active Corona cases here has only been going up since December with no sign of it going down. Strangely enough our postal services did recently open shipping to a lot of countries again (so now I can also ship to Australia again haha). I'm not complaining, but I don't understand how that is possible if the numbers are going worse for many countries.
Well, at least I have the promotion now. So my resume is looking a bit better although my tasks have not changed. For us we currently have the 'luck' that because of the working from home, that even if one of us is in a period of a lot of overtime, we see each other a lot. That is probably the only thing I'm going to miss once the pandemic is over, my working desk is not next to my husband anymore, haha!
Yeah all my employers that had very strict phone rules and censored computer rules were also the ones with the worst work environments. When you try to micromanage that people are not even allowed to listen to music anymore, then, well....
Are you still waiting on your surface items or did they already arrive? Over here the estimation is that surface will take the full 3 months, so at best I will be getting the first part of my order March 20th, haha.
Ah, I remember you were talking about that same Reimu last time we spoke as well! I hope you'll be able to find a good second hand deal for her!
I thought New Zealand was one of the strictest countries when it comes to pandemic prevention or are they OK with travelers from Australia as your corona numbers are a lot better? Personally I am hoping that we could also make a safe 'bubble' in Europe maybe late this year or somewhere next year so I would be able to visit my family in my home country. Currently I am not seeing any possibilities for travel to outside of Europe soon unless all the vaccinations will go smoothly and will be proven to work.
Ah! Sorry I always am of the mindset that almost everyone has Netflix. xD Yeah I will really treasure this figure. I am already thinking about a custom display case.
It is interesting how figures went up in price so much more than almost any other anime merchandise. I do know it's because of increased wages in China and trying to do more of the work inside Japan, but still, with those factors almost all merchandise should have seen higher increases I would have expect!
Yeah I got multiple feedbacks on eBay from people mentioning that some of the items they had been looking for for years. :) So it's nice to hear such things that you get happy buyers!
Well, even if you sell just very rarely on eBay, people tell you that you have to see it as a business and that means on average about 20% of overhead (which on eBay mainly means refunds for unhappy customers or late post deliveries). So you basically have to keep that number in mind when selling there, you just have to be ready to give refunds and such because people expect a lot and there is also unfortunately a scammer here and there.
Thanks! :) The pandemic gave me a lot more free time to spend on this hobby and it seems like the stream of these blogs will continue for a while more. And regarding the views and comments, well...that is just going down a lot in general on MFC. People have been recommending me to branch out to other websites and social media, but so far everything I have tried I quit within half a year before it took too much effort to crosspost for the amount of hits and comments. So unless the numbers would really drop to nearly no-one seeing my blogs, I'll just keep them to here.
Well I can't say much about Watamote because I still plan on watching that one! But when it comes to Lucky star it's hard to say. I actually never asked someone let's say 16-18 years old on here to go and watch Lucky Star and let me know how it is haha. Kind of a different subject, but nowadays every anime season gets so much anime that I feel like more recent anime fans barely watch anything 'old' because there will always be so much to check out at the same time with the new seasons.
I would definitely say there are more collectors, but I do feel like there are less 'sharers' when it comes to knowledge, pictures, blogs etc. But this is something I feel like I have seen increasing on social media, YouTube, Twitch etc. as well. A lot of people nowadays are big fans of certain content creators, but would never create content themselves. Regarding the Chinese website, it's hard to say. A lot of China related websites and merchandise seem hard to access and hard to understand the community. I can imagine that there would be quite some collectors there as in general anime (style) is also pretty popular, but it's hard to say how tight knit the collectors' community would be there.

Hey Maakie responding to this message from 3 months ago.

Good idea for saving days. I am forced by my company to take time off over the Chistmas/summer holidays here. Fine by me I went riding with my friends and worked on my models I think i Showed you, I actually worked on them with my friends. For the first time, before it had been a solo activity or meeting up and getting to know other people at the local gundam Build session. Gunpla comunity in Perth is actually going pretty good now. There is a store called Little Robot in which in Perth which has invested big in building a community, WE have an active facebook page for Perth. I posted a couple of photos of my WIP of my Zeta Gundam there and got quite a few thumbs up. I also have long service leave coming so I could invest more in modelling there. Besides from Japanese models I also want to paint some Warhammer 40k as well as explore other minuture table top games.

Here it is, its a crappy phone photo I'm going to photograph it with my DSLR camera soon.


Additionally someone in Perth actually painted (really high quality from what i can tell as i haven't seen it in person) a whole Neon Zeon (1m tall), I have seen them assembled in the shops in Japan but never painted.

I have basically worked straight from the late March to now. I was taking a mini holiday with all the time I have accured (I worked the weekends), perhaps i will work on a model, and watch some anime, or mod that Nendoroid into Hina Nemoto from Watamote ENTRY #214166. (I have found others here and talking to them who like them, they like Touhou and follow Watamote). Hence the personal messages i have recieved on this site are higher then they have been. Activity on comments on the data base items are still down, while some, I guess easily relatable articles get a lot of comments and others articles get very few comments. Yeah i too notice that people are happy, myself including (consuming what others have produced) instead of producing our own works. Yeah i don't know too much about the Chinese website but its good to know anime figure collecting is alive in that country as well. Youtube/audible is huge game changer if your able to describe things well then people can multitask without dedicating the time to just reading.

Thanks for the comment about Alita, I do really like her character design. Especially her volumus bob cut. Reminds me of the first MMO character (WOW) which i created. My friend lent me a manga I should go and read more of it online. Haha so many things to do. I would suggest watching the 90's OVA. Movie is a very good imo as it translates manga successfully to a live action movie. If I get the opportunity I Would try and customise a Nendoroid of my MMO character as a third custom Nendoroid. Do you ever get the urge to customise anything to which the companies can't provide? Again great job with the room set up and customising the Deltolfs.

Ah darn about the Covid Cases. We have had several outbreaks here but thye are quickly squashed by lockdowns. Life is like normal most things are back to normal, sometimes you are required to wear a mask or log your presence at a location with QR code or a written register. Yay for the postal services, i hope you were able to put up and move out a lot of the stuff you wanted to sell on. I guess the postal service can't shut down indefinitely and COVID looks like it is here to stay. Our Prime minister said no international travel until mid 2022. A year ago they said that international travel would be re-instated for Australia in mid 2021, and here we are in mid 2021.Its moving into Summer now. I hope the situation with COVID has settled down. Checking Google it looks like it was quite bad in Feburary and March this year. Were you and your family effected? Also congratulations for getting the promotion, in my opinion you deserve it for all the hard work you were doing without notice, I guess it has been noticed, and that you are duely compensated.

Also with COvid are you allowed to travel around Europe as part of the EU? Is it troublesome to travel back to the Netherlands to see your family? With paperwork and isolation periods.

As for COvid, Australia has a travel bubble with New Zealand, soon south pacific islands, Singapore and hopefully Taiwan, which would the closest I could get to Japan. Vaccination schedule here has been running behind time. I hear reports that lots of Japanese want the Olympics cancelled but the Japanese Governement wants to hold it. It would be interesting to see the opening ceremony. And the Cycling Road race. Marathon route is pretty tame compared to the normal Tokyo Marathon.

My surface mail items arrived safely in two pacels as well. I only have used the Watamote wallscroll and it hangs in my pride of place in my room. I bought it at half price off.


I wanted an Aya Shameimaru Nendoroid but found a cheap figma instead. I figured that I would mount her as a figurehead on my road bike. (It matches her colours) all i need to do is find some red and white bar tape to match Aya's hat.

I'm fast (over long distance and like to take photos) I have really began to appreciate her design over the last few years, originally she was no where near my top Touhou characters.

(Im trying quite hard to get a hold of Aya, Alice and Youmu, Nendoroids, (I have noticed in the last 2 months the supply of these second hand has dried up on Ami Ami).

Talking about riding. I'm kicking myself as I didn't know about the Touhou bicycle touring shirt until it was too late.
www.amiami.com/..., I also already decided that i won't get the figure based on the image even though it is really cool. Maybe Aya would get a cycling shirt one in the future, that would fit the colour scheme better.

I also realised i missed out on getting Watamote plushies.

ITEM #1196992

They aren't as good as the Touhou Fumo Range though. I hope they get better versions made.

Is there merchandise which the pre-order period has past you by and the window to obtain it has been closed?

Yeah figure inflation, I think the figures, Nendoroids, figmas ect have inflated faster then the CPI, and people's wages
I think its a good thing that Japan are trying to bring production of figures back to Japan. If that was explained to me i wouldn't mind paying higher price. However I guess i haven't watched too much anime so don't feel the desire to buy figures. I guess figures have been replaced by Nendoroids as Nendoroids now have a much larger range, are cheaper and take up less floor space. (Im still on the look out for a good Reimu scale figure, luckily everything else becomes cheaper with the release of each new and great figure and the price of shipping has decreased)

Good on you doubling down on posting in MFC, I haven't been to other sites to compare but i think we have a core community here. Unlike the early days I start to recognize lots and lots of other accounts. It would be cool if you were able to put the article wording into a machine which would transfer the coding the the corresponding websites. to save you the work.

Yeah i do agree with you about each anime season having so many shows. The COVID has certainly slowed that down but its like we are back in 2010's with the number of shows. Yeah from the 16-18 year old person's head reacting to Lucky Star et al, would they say "Thats boring or generic cause I have seen it so many times before" even though these shows were the front runners of it.

I have been viewing some gameplay of Resident Evil 8, how did you find playing it?

For me i am going to fall into Gatcha hell and start playing the Touhou Lost word game, the last one of these games i completed was Pokemon Shuffle on the 3ds which i completed the 753 stages and caught all the pokemon in... wish me luck..

I hope you are well and I wish you all the best.
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Yeah that's the strat for getting the "Beat Under 3 hours" achievement. I though decided to quadruple down and go for 4 trophies all at once in one run. Did the: "Beat Under 3 Hours", "Don't spend more than 10,000 Lie", "No Healing more than 4 times", and lastly "Knife only" playthrough all at once. I clocked it in at just 2h 16 min.

View spoilerHide spoilerTowards the end it was BRUTAL! Since I could only use my knife, it made it impossible to reach some of the bosses weak spots. Particularly the Urias Strajar boss fight, the metal armored spiked hammer guy you fight as Chris guarding the Megamycite. Yeah, you can't use the aerial targeting laser device on him or it ruins you knife only run and since his weak spot on his back is too high for Chris to reach meant I had to spend the whole fight slashing at his left hand and upper left thigh where there were gaps in his armor. Added to that that the Heisenberg fight was right before it combined with the big rush through the village as Chris before that and then having to fight Miranda afterwards left my trigger finger aching after all the slashing I had to do.

I decided to make it extra tough on myself (Cause I hate myself) and not heal AT ALL even though I had 4 free passes. If you go a period without getting damaged then you slowly start regenerating your health back to green, but since I was doing a speedrun I couldn't afford to just stand around and wait for it to heal naturally so I had to make sure my dodging and juking maneuvers were on point. I almost healed on the Miranda boss fight though, it is brutal with only a knife since when she goes into her winged form and flies in the air you can't reach her with your swipes. It's even worse when she charges up those giant fireballs and you can't damage her to cancel the attack so she gets a bunch of free damage on you, literally beat that by the skin of my teeth.

So I started my Village of Shadows playthrough now and enemies are definitely faster in this mode. Lady D in particular is far more dangerous, she's still slow by our standards, but she's now speedwalking towards you and if she slashes you it can often be a one-hit kill. Most enemies do that to you actually, if not that then put you in dying status. I'm about to take on the baby next and it's got me a bit nervous, but I'm sure I can juke it out anyway.

I didn't know Capcom made surveys and I'm even more surprised how many people chickened out from just the trailers alone. Maybe for the best since if that was enough to get to em then the baby scene would straight up give them anxiety attacks or something.

Yeah I know all about Sebastian's journey and now that I think about it. EW 2 and RE8 both have the same premise of a father going into a horrific isolated world to rescue their daughters, endings are very different towards their stories though. While EW had the more cryptic and engaging story (seriously, you pretty much have to piece it together yourself), I ended up enjoying the story of EW 2 more. It did the same thing as RE8 did in which it humanized their MC more and gave them more genuine emotions and reactions to flesh em out more. I did get the DLC for the first game and I hated/loved it! I hate games that leave me all vulnerable like that making me hide, but I also loved the tension of being locked in a room with that lamp monster in heels, the adrenaline man!

Hey THICC Lady D on a shirt isn't the worse thing to receive as a present. Speaking of mods, have you seen this one?
My sister and I were laughing so hard when we saw it and couldn't breath. It's so stupid, but it's also one of the greatest cursed things I've see come out of this game yet.

Ah yes, I've been hearing the Heisenberg is Nicholas Cage compairsons myself since the game released and I gotta say that they ain't far off with that comparioson. He hams it up, but also manages to be compelling at the same time. Wish they would've done and actually meaningful choice (unlike RE7 with curing Mia or Zoe) and have you choose to either reject or team up with Heisenberg and then adjust the story accordingly, would've made a crazy twist.

Ah yeah, I was also wondering when I'd get to fight the Lycan Horsemen and didn't realize until my 2nd playthrough when watching that scene again that the duped me all along. Looking back, they probably would've been pretty annoying to fight with all their movement so maybe it was for the best.
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Normaal nog een jaar - de Master - als alles goed gaat dit jaar. Moet wel met de studentenadviseur gaan praten, want dankzij zijn bullshit moet ik nog een bachelor vak volgend jaar opnemen - maar er is een grote kans dat die dan gaat clashen met een master vak en ik heb geen idee hoe ik dat moet gaan oplossen dan.

Als risicopatiënt zou mijn moeder normaal toch eerst moeten gegaan zijn, want daar waren ze constant hier op aan het hameren, dat na de bejaarden, de risicopatiënten aan de beurt waren om zo de lasten voor de ziekenhuizen te verminderen.
Maar ja, nu het ene na het andere schandaal boven komt over mensen die voor hun beurt worden gevaccineerd, is het niet moeilijk natuurlijk dat mijn moeder zo lang moet wachten :/

Heel de pandemie wordt slecht aangepakt. Eerlijk, de enige manier om die te bedwingen is de grenzen nog steeds potdicht houden zodat varianten niet kunnen oversteken en dan iedereen vaccineren. Niet iedereen beginnen te vaccineren, maar wel de grenzen wijd open laten staan voor varianten, dat is gewoon voor problemen vragen, want nu hebben die varianten alle tijd om zich aan te passen aan de vaccins.
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Hahaha omg poor Ebisu, suffers for our amusement. XD Birthday was pretty lame because it was middle of the week and I haven't felt like eating much, but I did a lot of online shopping to make up for it lol. I definitely noticed that about the Tanya novels that you got, the art is so pretty!! I also noticed that they used that art in the ED which is a pretty cool touch! But yeah it's not like the anime art is bad or anything (though I still can't get over how Viktoriya's eyes are like half her face, from what I've seen she looks so pretty in the LN so wtf).

I looked up Tanya's seiyuu and seeing she voiced Froppy from BNHA makes so much sense haha, she did such a good job making her sound unique/what a frog girl would sound like. XD But also she voiced Madoka?? These seiyuu always trick me with their range lol. I also forgot Light's voiced by Miyano Mamoru!! His voice sounds so beautiful in UtaPri but then he sounds so hilarious in Zombie Land Saga, you can tell he has a lot of fun with the role! That character just wouldn't be what he is without Miyano Mamoru haha. That blows my mind that Ishida Akira's been voicing characters for so long and he still sounds the same too! I love how anime and Japanese video games are so consistent with voice acting in general, like roles rarely change hands. It happens so much more here, probably because voice acting isn't taken as seriously. :(

It seems like the Figma line had way more variety back then, like on top of being more affordable and having more parts. Idk if it's just my impression of it now but from what I've seen, it's mostly just series that have a bunch of other options getting Figmas now. Meanwhile Nendos are all over the place with variety, even if I hated them I think I'd end up collecting them lol because they cover so many series and characters that I like. That's pretty cool that half of Dorohedoro's audience is female! I never would've expected that. :o But I love it when a series doesn't try too hard to cater to either gender!

Omg yes, I remember keeping the packaging for small things like rubber straps because anything I imported was special back then. But my collection has blown up so much since then, I can't imagine keeping everything without ending up on a show like Hoarders lol. I don't even keep prize figure boxes anymore unless they're exceptionally pretty, idk if that's a no-no? But I just can't be bothered...

You're right about One Piece, I binge it in bursts and then just let it build for a few months lol, with the exception of the current arc because it's too hyped up. But man waiting weekly is brutal. :( Are there any seasonal anime you're interested in currently? I have a few that I'm waiting to binge... Ooh Steins;Gate is on my long list of anime to watch, that's an interesting perspective because it's considered such a masterpiece. :o Now I want to know which characters annoyed you haha, I'm familiar with their designs at least since there were so many figures. SPILL!! Made in Abyss is another one that's on my list, good to see it's not overhyped! :D And I might watch Yu-Gi-Oh with a friend who's nostalgic for it... But did Death Note really age badly? :o It's one of the few anime that I got my mom to watch so I have fond memories of that one. XD

I think I'd organize my top 5 how you did haha, just a top 4 with a bunch vying for #5... So One Piece, Love Live, Daiya no Ace, and JoJo would be my top 4 maybe? I love shounen/idol/sports anime and One Piece/Love Live/Daiya no Ace are like the cream of the crop of those genres for me haha so those have to be in there. And then JoJo is a new one that I wasn't expecting to like as much as I did, I thought it would be just a silly meme show... Tbh the fandom doesn't do it any favors there lol. But yeah I'd definitely recommend JoJo if you haven't seen it already, I think you'd really like it! Part 4 especially is a perfect mix of funny, epic, and weird! :D

Yep my parents got vaccinated so I'm happy about that. ^^ Definitely feels like we're making some progress but at the same time not even close to normal... Maybe it's just the bands I like that don't get fancy special editions lol but yeah the vinyls look super fancy! Just have no idea how I'd display/use them so I'll stick to CDs now... Ohhh yeah I've seen that the costs for just a few episodes are crazy high in Japan. :o It's crazy that physical media is more popular there because that value is not good... But they can get manga cheaper so at least there's that lol.

I think maybe I'd like cons more if I went to the right one? But I went to NY Comic Con which was super congested... The booths looked cool but the crowds everywhere were just too big, I couldn't stand it. :( Aside from that I went to Miku Expo and a Love Live concert at a con but I don't really count those, and I didn't dress up or anything because I'm lame haha. But yeah I'd probably prefer a smaller con in general... Whoa wait are you really not doing cons anymore? :o

Aww the beginning of your anime journey with Yu-Gi-Oh sounds so magical! Watching subtitled episodes on YouTube was exactly how I started too. XD Then sometimes there would be an episode missing and it was time to panic lol. Kids have it so easy these days with all the different streaming services... I almost bought Cursed Child because I was so desperate for more HP but then I did extensive research and the more I read, the more it sounded like a bad dream hahaha... Tbh I would've been fine with it if it was just a bad fanfiction, but a bad fanfiction that craps all over the original series?? Like retconning the time travel rules and destroying my Hufflepuff boy Cedric's entire character? WHY? It still surprises me that JKR okay'd that, but then again she seems pretty kooky these days, to put it mildly... At least we'll always have the original series... T_T

Omg I can't believe you have sales stories like that one, I'm so sorry! D: To complain about a figure's quality when he paid $7 for it is just...wut. Why does it seem like all the weirdest people on the planet gather on those sites? O_o Crossing my fingers I don't run into any of them on mercari lol. Also saw your other comments about ebay and I hope the transition doesn't screw anything up for you! :S That's weird that your husband's gift got through so quickly while Pennywise is still stuck. :o Prayer circle for Pennywise to come home. I'm so happy you got the pins though!! ^^

Is it weird that I'm jealous that those old HP games are comfort games for you? XD I got into HP pretty late (like around the time the Half-Blood Prince movie was releasing?) because I wrote it off as some dorky thing, then I read the books and was like WHOA. But now I see HP fans getting nostalgic about those old games and they sound like such charming experiences, it makes me feel like I missed out! But my childhood games are also comfort games for me! Like the old Sonic games and the Disney PS1 era games. They're not all masterpieces or anything but they're special. :) Oh did you try out the Crystal Chronicles remaster? I've never played the Crystal Chronicle games so I wonder if that would be a good starting point...

Yep I started RE7 and damn, the atmosphere is amazing! Just so unsettling, exploring the house for the first time actually made me nervous haha. I made kind of a movie night out of it with my sisters though so we'll be taking it slow since we have to coordinate our schedules, but they're really impressed with it too! When I was taking the ladder down into the basement(?) they were like "no no don't do it!" And I was like "uhh guys there's nowhere else to go" lol. How's RE8? :D

Ooooh you have good taste! I love Aoi!! I think her, Chihiro, and Toko are probably my favorites. She's so adorable and her relationship with Sakura is so sweet. TwT But yeah she's not very popular. :( I feel like everyone is a PC gamer these days haha, I'm so left out... But yeah PS is definitely my preference even if I have to pay a bit more, doesn't help that my gaming computer is acting up and my friend that built it can't come over to take a look because of the pandemic... D: Though tbh I barely used it even before then... :S

I saw a fourth season of Overlord was announced, wooow, it must be doing well. Re:Zero is still the best isekai I've seen IMO because the twist is just so interesting and the world is so deep, I don't even understand it lol. It's nice to know Overlord isn't as typical as the others but I probably won't give it another try... ._. Backlog is too big for a 7 haha. ^^' I thought I'd feel the same way about the isekai element in Tanya but I love how her behavior from her past life kind of seeps into her current actions and how she basically sees everything as a business. She almost reminds me of Dwight from the Office if that makes sense haha, like really cutthroat and impatient with people below her but very respectful of authority. The way she compared her military superior to a business executive she'd look up to in her past life made me think of him especially lol, but she also seems like the type to say she'd fire all the morons she works with. I don't think I reached the coffee scene yet though? Sorry I'm going so slow with everything. :(

Damn you're way nicer than I'd be to accept that criticism of Baccano, I'd say "well maybe you're just too stupid for it." :D The structure sounds kind of like Pulp Fiction? Which is more creative than confusing or whatever those morons would say. ;P Umm I thought I'd have a lot of trigger shows but I guess it's just One Piece? Like in my eyes Love Live is a masterpiece and it makes me cry everytime, but that stuff just hits different with different people. But OP? If you can't get into it right away then fine, but if you think it's bad... Idk how to talk to a person like that. Like it's a fact of life that it's good, you know?? Maybe I'm too intense lol...

Aww I wish I was artsy enough to make something out of my bootlegs! Let me know if you ever get around to those custom projects! ^^ The Pop Up Parades are almost pissing me off at this point because I feel like GSC is so much more focused on them than Nendos or scales, at least for the series that I'm into. :/ Like this newer set of Love Live girls is getting a set of Pop Up Parades with outfits I don't like instead of Nendos like the other Love Live groups got... And then GSC couldn't ever go through with ITEM #198423 for their Fairy Tail line but look at that, she got ITEM #1051291 and it's probably exactly the pose and outfit she would've had if she did get a scale... Idk, just irrationally grinds my gears lol. I'm glad you have the Koto YGO figures as an alternative at least, they look really pretty!

Ooh okay, yay for penpals! :D You're fun to talk to so I hope we can keep doing this for a long time! ^^
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Yeah I already managed to complete my 2nd playthrough at 7 hours compared to my first time of 11 hours and it looks like I'll be clocking in around 5 hours-ish on this 3rd playthrough as I prepare myself to finally do the Village of Shadow difficulty in my next playthrough and then do a "Knife Only", "No Healing", and "Under 3 hour" playthrough after that so I can get all three of those trophies. I'm going for the platinum trophy (Ps4), but the S-rank on all Mercenaries stages has me groaning a bit... :(

View spoilerHide spoilerOh I wasn't spoiled or anything by the director intreview thing, I didn't even find that out until yesterday before I messaged you back. The trailers didn't even really spoil much either, they heavily promoted Lady Dimitrescu and the castle to the point that I didn't even know Moreau and Donna/Angie existed till I played the actual game. Some people are even mad saying they were tricked by Capcom making them think that Lady D was gonna be an important big villain in the game, but all she amounted to was one section and an EARLY one at that.

Oh! My sister and I love the Evil Within series! I knew it was gonna be great when I heard Shinji Mikami (RE4 Director) was gonna be behind the project. Laura (the 6-armed spider woman) was a huge bag of "Nope" for me in the first game the same was Alma (the floating ghost lady) was for me in the second game. I hate the dreaded "One-shot kill" enemies that you can't defend yourself from and have to hide from. It's what's making me dread my Village of Shadows difficulty playthrough and I heard that all the enemies become more aggressive and get faster movement and I'm just dreading if that Fetus Baby is gonna be hauling ass after me right on my ass like the internet was on Lady Dimitrescu's "dump-truck wagon" the first time she was revealed.

See! Yes the factory got confusing AF towards the end. When I got the final mold for the key, I'd had completely forgotten how to get back to that machine to make the mold into the final key to fight Heisenberg, the enemies were cool, but I did not want to run around the entire place again looking for the machine. I hope they find a way to keep Heisenberg alive because he was really powerful and had the makings to be a very good reoccurring villain throughout the series, the next "Wesker" maybe. Like real talk, I like Dimitrescu cause of the memes (Not really attracted to her per se), but Heisenberg is my favorite lord with the most potential. Dude is literally Magneto and should be immune to your bullets.

Ouch, sorry to hear about the bug. Nah, the one missed point wasn't just from the factory level (although it does factor in heavily), it's also from other smaller contrivances throughout the game. I mean the factory is way easier now through more and more playthroughs and it's actually the "baby" level that I dread the most now.

The power of a true connoisseur is what allowed Ethan to lug that Lady D figure around! Damn I didn't even think about the figure being Life-sized tbh, but that's an image now. Also what were your thoughts on the Varcolac (werewolf) enemies in the game? I think they have the potential to be the next Hunter/Licker type enemies in the series if only they'd make em harder to kill. There's only like 4 in the game (5 if you include the ancient miniboss one) and I just felt like they should've been more threatening. They're certainly pretty badass though...
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We zijn niet meer onder de nul gegaan sinds februari denk ik, maar het weer is echt kwakkel. Ik weet gewoonweg niet wat ik moet dragen als ik toch naar buiten ga.
Ik ben sowieso al geen fan van warmte dus ik kijk niet echt uit naar de zomer ^^;

Mijn vader is maar 6 jaar ouder dan mijn moeder, dus het is niet alsof hij al zo oud is :/ Hij is zelfs niet eens risicopatiënt dus ik versta niet waarom mijn moeder zo lang moet wachten. Ik heb zelf gisteren mijn uitnodiging via de email al gekregen. Blijkbaar zou ik mijn eerste shot op de 29ste mei al hebben en mijn tweede op de derde juli - terwijl mijn moeder moet wachten tot augustus voor ze volledig gevaccineerd is. Begrijpen wie begrijpen kan :/

Oh, hier zijn ze de ene versoepeling na de andere aan het aankondigen .-. We gaan echt in de shit zitten binnen een paar maanden, gegarandeerd. Zeker omdat zoals Amerikaanse specialisten al hebben gewaarschuwd: door nu alles op te gooien terwijl de mensen nog steeds gevaccineerd worden, heeft het virus de kans om zich aan te passen :/
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De ene keer schijnt hier de zon fel, dan hebben we opeens onweer en gaan we terug beneden de tien graden. Vandaag hadden ze aangekondigd dat we onweer zouden hebben dus toen ik naar de les vertrok, nam ik mijn regenjas mee voor het geval dat - ja, nee, niet dus. Heb bijna uit mijn hoodie gezweet van de warmte =_= Ik kan gewoon niet meer volgen welk weer we nu in feite gaan krijgen.

Hier is de vaccinatie ... raar. Mijn vader heeft al de eerste prik gekregen ondanks het feit dat mijn moeder de risicopatiënt is. En mijn vader kreeg pfizer blijkbaar terwijl mijn moeder maar AstraZeneca gaat krijgen. Het slaagt echt op niks hier. Maar ondertussen zitten ze de ene versoepeling na de andere door te voeren - vraag me af hoe lang het gaat duren voor we daar de weerslag van zien .-.
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No worries Maakie, lots to talk about though. It’s great to be able to geek out about RE with someone too. How long did it take you to beat your first play through btw? I clocked in at 11 hours 23 min and that’s with searching everything and collecting every treasure/fighting every sub boss. I’ve already started my second play through and it looks like I’ll be clocking in less than half of that time already. At the 1 hour mark I’d already beaten the castle and was on my way to the mist house.

View spoilerHide spoilerOk so spoiler for the same reason as you for any curious readers about RE 8.

The developers said in an interview that they designed this game with the intention of making it like a carnival ride where each lord was its own unique experience and the village is like the hub where you can take a breather after going through each “ride” which is why it feels so segmented to you. It was intentional.

Dimitrescu was the puzzle funhouse.
Bienevinto was the horror escape room.
Moreu was the water park ride.
And Heisenberg was the action shooter maze.

All different, all unique. I did enjoy the castle the most out of the 4. Fuck the Bienivento house and the freaky baby. I was having none of that! My sister couldn’t bare to look at the screen during that segment. “The Baby” scene as it’s being called by the community is already spreading around the internet like it’s something infamous or something to be revered. Everyone is comparing it to Silent Hill and especially P.T.

Moreu’s section was alright and I liked his boss fight. Heisenberg though... damn he was my favorite out of the lords personality-wise and I felt he got done dirty since he had the coolest power and his boss fight could’ve been more than what we got. The factory level was also a huge chore to get through by the end and many players agree that it overstays its welcome by the end. I dread running through it again in subsequent playthroughs tbh.

My sister also started tearing up towards the end with Ethan’s death and meanwhile I’m just cringing cause I hope the rumors aren’t true about us playing as Rose in RE 9 since the Winters story is supposedly a trilogy. If they do go down this route then RIP the OG characters since they’ll be pushing early to late 60’s at that point. Plus after the letdown Fanfiction OC that was Jake “Wesker” in 6, I’d rather not see another super powered BOW child protagonist.

Sorry you had a bug ruin the experience for you a bit, I didn’t run into any myself. Was it serious? As for what I’d rate it, a 9/10. The factory level really dampened the experience for me a bit.

Lastly, yeah Lady Dimitrescu was pretty nice. Did you closely examine her crystal remains though? They didn’t have to make it that THICC. My sister burst out laughing when she saw “them hips” meanwhile I’m out here thinking to myself if this is the start of Ethan’s own crystal figure collection. One of us! One of us!

What was that one thing the Duke said when you sold it to him? “Beautiful even in death. That waistline...yes.” I could just imagine Ethan replaying with “Ah, I see you’re a Man of Culture as well.”
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