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Hi My name is MamaOppai Just call me M, I'm 24 and been into collecting for about 4 years now all starting with my Nero bride Prize figure my Husband bought for me. I'm a Cosplayer and enjoy doing Digital Art of Waifus. I'm awful at description if you can't tell but if you'd like to chat feel free :)

Also probably the most Saber (Artoria and Nero) obsessed person you'll ever meet <3
TBH Any anime heres some of my favorites though Any Type-Moon work (Fate,Tsukihime,KnK ect),Love Live,Madoka Magica,Psycho Pass, Higurashi/Umineko
Pretty much any Manga, Count of Monte Cristo, Anything Edgar allen poe or Hp lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle
...i own all consoles from Nes to current gen...so too many to list my Favorite is A link to the past if that helps
Punti MOE
Glasses, oppai, Zettai Ryouiki,Being a Saber face....
I have Trash music taste lots of WaifuWednesday and such
Macchina fotografica
I don't have one but i plan on borrowing one if I ever get the want to
Is absolute trash lets not talk about that gonna upgrade in 6 months or so


I've just emailed you and I advise you to edit your post to avoid any future email spams ;)
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Awww yay, glad to hear! Thank you so much for keeping me posted, I really appreciate it! <3
And thanks for giving me a heads up, emptying my inbox now.
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MamaOppai (11 mese/i fa) #31730423odd question i loved your saber lily review would u mind doing one on the two kimi no wa figures i'm thinking of getting them but would really like to see if they are worth it
To tell you the truth, from what I could see through each box's window and the user submitted photos here on MFC, I immediately decided against opening these two figures. Initially, I had anticipated Mitsuha and Taki would be "grails" for me, because I truly loved the movie. However, I'm not as amazed as I was expecting to be. Certainly it'd be nice to put together a review for everyone to see, but I'm not as certain that it'd be worth it on my end. Don't hold out for any review from me — they're both sitting in a dark corner of my room. My apologies!
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Sorry! I've cleared some space.
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