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A whole year and still no article written... ya hate to see it.
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First things first, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my mom for being such a Degenerate. Now then...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606378.jpeg (Literal THICC Connoisseur) Disclaimer: Bio not to be taken seriously and is all a joke. Said bio also contains cringe so please read at your own discretion.

I am a Man of Culture, but you may call me by my IRL nickname Mayuko. As a "Man of Culture" I bring a message that every cultured man, woman, and child (hopefully not) on this board can understand. "All Anime Women are queens!" Well not really, but the majority of them are and I know what some would think upon hearing such a bold declaration. "Simp!!!"

While true, the passage in the Holy Thighible directly behind the passage of "all anime woman are queens", reads as; "Thou shall not simp, but if thou must simp then simp responsibly" and responsibly I shall for as a Man of Culture; I do have standards.

Loli's and Tsundere's... gonna be a nah from me and if you are an advocate of such things than I must regrettably inform you that you have trash taste. That's ok though for I also have trash taste as well as every fellow anime fan around the world. You are not alone, though God (and your parents) may look upon you with judgement for your degenerate lewd fantasies, rest assured that I as a fellow cultured individual stand right beside you. All are welcome and like a wise man once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Meaning that even in a trash pile one can still find a hidden gem even if said trash pile contains Loli's and Tsundere's.

Loli Lovers: Hestia from "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is technically classified as a Loli so let me simply say "bravo!"

Tsundere Appreciators: You have the classic bob-cut icon Android 18 from DBZ proudly holding up your banner. A job well done and congratulations.

Every Anime Queen has something to appreciate about them, but as a Man of Culture and Disciple of the Holy Thighible; I mostly subscribe to one train of logic. That being The THICC. THICC Thighs, Big Bonkahonkadongaroos, and Curves, but not ridiculously so as too much THICC (Gasp) can be a bad thing for this cultured man.

I started my journey in collecting back in June 21, 2020 when I ordered a SKYTUBE Togetsu Matsuri version 2 figure on sale without knowing exactly what I was getting into. Upon opening the box, imagine my surprise at the sheer debauchery contained within. While initially mortified and kind of embarrassed, that moment gave birth to the dawning of a new age. The age of THICC! After that I continued amassing a collection of mostly Cast-Off THICC Queens and have found some amazing artists such as Kekemotsu and Misaki Kurehito, but one artist stands above them all.

Mataro! Who is daddy... I-I mean god, yeah. If the Man of Culture was a believer in the divine than Mataro is he who once said "Let there be THICC" and thus THICC there was. Though I do simp responsibly and don't aim for every single one of his works... or rather HER works as its come to my attention that “Mataro the God” may actually be “Mataro the Goddess”. Does this mean best girl was with us all along?

I also plan to write articles if I ever find the inner strength or motivation to do it, but I ain’t gonna lie... it’s hard chief. Articles on what? Good question, I thought reviews at first, but those are a dime-a-dozen. Whatever I end up writing, you know it will be THICC regardless of its content.

Now I am also a man of class (and culture) so I don't typically display my Cast-Off figures (Gasp) Cast-Off. A queen should remain dignified after all, but the option being there to do that, it feels nice ya know? Like you gotta tease me? We both know what's under there. I bet you shower naked too you slu- Queen! I meant queen, yeah so any super duper lewd figures that can't be covered up creatively are gonna be a pass from me. The hardest choices require the strongest wills after all.

So with all that said, I leave with one final message.



Yeah man I feel that, funny thing is if you look at who's making this St. Louis GK, it's from the same circle who made that awesome Zara GK which sold for half a million yen painted...these people really do be tryna hurt our souls lol

Man, America has so much stuff we never even have in stock in the first place, shortages aside so that's actually a tough question. I do know of some snacks though, I have no idea if they are available so you'll have to let me know :P will link them in a sec.

CharacterS? Oh shit boii! This sounds like something very interesting :^)

(Btw I'm gonna delete the profile messages just so ya know)
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Yeah man xD remember I wasn't on MFC for a long period and I think you maybe changed the background when you changed your Shaq avatar which was around that time...? Anyway it's noice, I dig the character picks :^) speaking of a certain 'best girl' did ya see the new GK? ITEM #1657042

As for supplies, ask your mom about her ideas on it first probably? Some things that can be conserved for 2+ months would be good (I expect shipping to take ~2 to 3 weeks) and the longer the conservation date the better, but I can give more specific details if needed later :P and thanks man, this is really super helpful. Not now-now but say, within a week from now would be ideal.

And wow really, okay now I'm really curious about that xD a new experience for you huh! Time to sleep for a small week so those days pass asap haha!
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Yo it just dawned on me that you got a new profile background which you maybe even made by yourself, that true chief?

(Lmao @Raiden's smug face xD!)
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rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Hi! I hope your week is improving!

Yes I did!!! Such a wonderful world to be a part of for sure. YOOOO THAT ARTWORK IS SO FIRE! FOX GIRLS ARE SO GORGEOUS WTF. I'm hoping Skytube or Native does her too if she ever gets a figure (NEED)! I love their quality so much!

DAYUMMM ELF LADIES AND COW LADY I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION SO MUCH! Thank you for sharing :3 this gives me life with my 11 days in a row work omg. They are so visually pleasing ♡
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rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
You're welcome! Nah don't say that fam. Things can always vary with how we experience it and I really hope things get better soon for you! HAHAHA yeah. That and I need time to clean my figures (basically just minor stuff lol)

Yes!!! I love talking about Mataro figures! I'm so glad I got into R18 figures because of his illustrations LMFAO. Such a boss. Same here. Just select few tiger figures that I like but I love how this one looks surprisingly (just hope the company does her justice)! Fox girls are a must (and cat girls LOL).

OHH SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! We need more of them for sure damn!
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Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
Haha glad to "hear" from you again my cultured friend!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and reminding me I'm getting old xD
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rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Oh man that doesn't sound too good. I hope things will get better irl... But absolutely ecstatic to hear that those delayed figures are finally releasing! I have only been working too much the past weeks but things are alright! Can't wait for more free time again next month to obsess over figures and other hobbies

LOL you already knew eh! I definitely agree with you! I'd most likely wait on some more photos that's not oversaturated to decide completely if I will get or skip. I still like her sculpt as well and think they captured the thiccness perfectly too. It's only the price and the blush that's putting me off :( the price is almost as much as a 1/4 bunny...

woah YOOOO thank you for this update!!! I haven't browsed mfc a lot in the past weeks and I truly appreciate it! She looks absolutely gorgeous! It's amazing to see tanned/dark coloured Mataro figures being made by a decent company too (++++elves!!!). Definitely keeping an eye on that one too >:3 These are the other must-haves I am looking forward to ITEM #1552700 and ITEM #1511923 (lol yeah cat girls). Rocket Boy has spectacular quality so far in my opinion so I'd most likely grab it (just a bit more pricey than Skytube. I managed to grab that thicc cat girl Rocket Boy figure!) but the other one I'm not too sure since it's a new company. Just hoping it's not FOTS (too fragile and horrible paint) quality honestly. Hooray for more Mataro figures and art!!!
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rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Hiya! Long time :D How are you? :3 I saw you in Mr. Alice stan's page and immediately remembered that I wanted to ask you about your opinion on the new Mataro figure ITEM #1552717 because I'm saltier than the sea right now with that price and I personally didn't like how strong the blush is. Pink Cat whyyyy I was really looking forward to it (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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Even if you're not a professional, I value your advice and opinions. My story takes place around our era, but my solution to space travel is that a warp hole opened up which takes them to the other planet faster.

My target audience will be young adults I decided. I am selfishly writing this story for my own entertainment, but I would like others to enjoy it as well. I think that you have a gift for communicating through writing and I really encourage you to continue your story again. It feels satisfying when your voice is heard and writing my story, I learned I can use it as a tool to communicate my ideas and deeply held beliefs to the world.

Mauve looks great! I love chocolate; her base makes me hungry for sweets again. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favorite flavors. Try it, it's yummy ^ ^

The FREEing figures look so good. I had one preordered (ITEM #1184714), but I couldn't afford her while I was homeless. I am a seesaw teetering back and forth between if I should go back and buy her or not. Elizabeth is dear to me because I love The Seven Deadly Sins (which is on Netflix btw!)

Yes, I've seen Konosuba. I think I only watched the first season though; I'm not sure if I finished it because I didn't like it that much! ^ ^' I love Kazuma in design, but his personality is terrible! My favorite girl was Aqua, but just by a hair.

It's been a pleasure talking to you.
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Glad you gave the game a try. I think nahobino’s character design was awesome. Probably one of my favourites. I managed to unlock the true ending on my second play through so that was fun xD.

Yeh I’m playing the crimson route again and I’m like -_-. It deffo is lacking. Lysithea, Hilda and edelgard are best girls for me ;).

Are you talking about about fire emblem hopes? I don’t like that warriors type gameplay so I skipped on it lol. I was hoping for a new main fire emblem game too :/. I want more FE scale characters tho so figures crossed
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