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Kratos Aurion Figure when? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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I am just an average girl who loves Animes, Mangas, Games and japanese culture in general. :)

Some of my other hobbies are:
-Playing the flute and Piano
-Reading tons of books
-Being a food bringing-slave for my guinea pigs. :D

I greatly enjoy talking with other people who share my interests, so please don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more about me or what ever question comes to your mind! XD

Thank you for looking at my profile! <3



I'm interested in your ahri nendo!
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Hopefully it's going well with uni and same wishes for you! :)
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Sorry for being late again!

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Thank you very much! :D I hope you had an awesome Christmas and birthday! Got any nice gifts? :D
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Sorry for being so late!

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Maronn1 anno/i fa#43418469Hehe yeah my friend also likes the Fate anime series quite a lot. :3
Yes sometimes it's way too long! Especially when figures get delayed 2-3 months. I'll have to wait twice as long to finally receive them but at least I saved some money. I don't want to imagine how much my huge packages would cost with SAL. ^^"
Oh, just read on your profile that you're a fan of the Tales Series. I love these games! Especially TOS. :3

I played to Tales of Symphonia on GC, Tales of Graces F, Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 on PS3. Maybe I would take Tales of Zestiria and Berseria on PS4/PC. I watched the anime Tales of Zestiria X :)
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Maronn1 anno/i fa#43415790Hehe I see. Though I must admit that I mainly like the fate designs. Have never played the games and the animes were just not my cup of tea.^^" But I love all the different outfits and classes Fate has. :3
Haha yeah I do. No because she's combined with other figures that are not out yet. Also I always ship via ferry since I order a lot of stuff with a friend (and ferry is the cheapest option for big packages) so it takes about 4 months more to receive the figures others already own. ^^

I never played to Fate/Grand Order but i look the Fate series in anime :)

I understand better that you have to wait for a good moment to receive the figure if you take delivery by ferry. The wait must seem long!
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Maronn1 anno/i fa#43379192Hi there! :3
Thank you so much! You've got a lovely collection as well! I am sorry, I did not quite catch what you meant with "fan of fan too as me" :'D Did you mean fate? :)
Thanks a lot, I can speak a bit of French, but since I'm from the German part of our Country, I forgot a lot about it again. ^^" I can answer some simple parts in French if you'd prefer that.^^

Yes, i want to mean "Fan of Fate series as me".
You have a lot of figure ordered. You don't received Hatsune Miku Harvest Moon?
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You have an amazing collection! I see that you are also fan of Fate series as me ;)

I speak in English because i Don't know if you speak in French :)
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Maronn2 anno/i fa#30900863Yes haha, I was a bit irritated and shocked how much has changed.^^" Btw. how do I quote your comment when I answer your comment? I already found out that I have to tag the "quote" thing for conversations on figure sites but it does not seem to work when I go to other people's pages...^^"
That's very sad but I think it's understandable that people left...I read some blogs about people complaining about the site and it does not seem like Kumasanmk wants to listen to any input. Personally, I have more or less gotten used to the new features but I still liked the older look way better.(And if they updated the site, they should have improved the search function on this site instead of "fancy" looks...)
But yeah, I hope the community will grow again.
Oh, you have written a lot on your introduction! XD I see you're still looking for baccano! stuff. :D
I reallly like how organized your introduction looks. It's nice to read. :3
Wow, that's a very impressive job! I'm glad you finally found something in your métier! Hehe, yeah I can imagine that this is sometimes a very frustrating job. But I guess it's worth it in the end.^^
Yeah then it's way better that you finally got a job where you have more possibilities. It's just too vexing when you are stuck with your profession and can't do anything about it.
Hehe, good luck! :3
Oh yes, 2018 started waay better than 2017 for me too. I mean it was no comparison to 2016, which was just one dumpster fire but yeah, 2017 still had after effects from 2016.
Those are very nice goals, I am sure you can do it. :3
For me it's finally finishing University. I have taken a break from it for almost a year because I just could not take it anymore and it was refreshing to finally be able to work and to earn my own money for a while. To be honest, I still am not looking forward to studying again but I need this degree to find a job in my profession. So...I just want to get over with it as fast as possible.^^"
Thankfully my husband finally has his life together and will go back to University to get an additional...degree? licence? XD as a chemistry teacher while working part-time as retailer. So at least that won't keep me awake at night anymore.^^" Also, since we both have are going back to learning for tests, it will be easier to stay motivated.
Other than that my husband and I are finally flying to Japan at the end of this month! :3 It will be a short trip but hey, I am glad that we can finally make it!
I too have been downsizing my collection. Now, that I finally have the space I just want to have a collection that fits together. So I have stopped buying whatever I found beautiful and now am considering first if it would fit my assortment or not. It helps a lot to skip figures. :3 So my goal for 2018 is the same as two years ago: Getting rid of the last stack of mangas and figures. ^^ It takes a long time but at least there's constant progress. :3 (And some extra money to put aside or spend for new figures. XD)

I started off being annoyed, but I'm over it now lol. I still don't like the changes much, especially the search-function is a lot less easy to use. But I don't really have a better place to keep track of my collection or blog, so here I still am. xD

And the only way to quote now is to be on the page where the original comment is, press quote. Open a new comment on the same page, and then copy-paste that comment on the page you want to have it... Yep. :S I don't understand why they removed the reply button...

I still think people are heavily overreacting, sites will always change. I think it's a strange reaction to completely stop using a website because some changes are not to your liking. I guess those people didn't actually 'need' MFC, as I personally cringe and cry at the idea of having to make my own database for all the stuff I own. If MFC ever stops existing, I do hope a big warning goes out before the site disappears, so I have a chance to screenshot/save all the stuff I have on here. X_X

I always talk positively about MFC, even with the new changes being not to my liking, but I'm not sure if I can attract a lot more new people here. xD Most of the older core users don't seem to have left.

Thanks for liking my introduction! :D You don't think it's too big now?

Yeah I hope I can work there for a lot longer time! :D It's amazing to work for a game company! :D Do you have an Android phone? Because then I can spam you with all the releases we are making. xD

I didn't 'hate' earlier jobs, but I was just there to earn money and be sure to afford the bills. No fun in that! And thank you! I hope both of us can get to our 2018-goals! :D

Sounds familiar...I had a lot of struggle in the last especially ~2 years of my studies because I sort-of lost interest in finishing it. But I really wanted the degree, because with only a high school diploma you barely can get any jobs around here (even for the random jobs I had before I needed a minimum of a bachelor degree!). What kind of work did you do in the last year? And I wish you and your husband good luck with finishing your studies!

And woooow, I am so jealous!!! I am also planning on going to Japan, but it will probably be another 2-3 years before I can get there, but I'm looking forward to it! Anyhow, which part(s) are you guys visiting? :)

Sounds very similar to me, I only have the list on my profile of what I collect and I barely have anything that doesn't fit those criteria anymore. What also helps me skip figures are the insane releases prices from the last few years. o.O *see something I like* 16K YEN FOR A PRETTY BASIC FIGURE *ok nevermind I don't want it anymore lol*

My selling went pretty fast a few months ago when I was jobless for a short while, I suddenly had a lot of free time to start listing things on the internet. xD But now that I work again I don't have that much free time anymore, so selling is going slow again. :P But I will get rid of everything eventually!
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