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Welcome to my profile!
Hey there! My name's Mobius (or call me Mobi!). I collect a lot of Tales of merchandise alongside bits and pieces from my favourite anime, video games and visual novels. I'm a huge fan of jRPGs like Final Fantasy, Tales, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and more!

Outside of collecting, I keep a lot of tropical freshwater aquariums as both an aquarist and an aquascaper! In short I've fallen for another hobby which also needs glass displays that my home doesn't have the room for! Haha!

Favourite shot

Luke fon Fabre 1/8 ALTAir by Alter


Add me on Discord: MobiusX
Instagram: _onemiguel_ (if you like aquariums too!)



Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day, even with the weird current situation of the world!
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And now for a proper reply to your comment (have been so busy sorry X_X), happy new year to you as well! I hope it will be filled with good things! ^^
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*edit* Woops, accidentally clicked wrong user to reply to. xD
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Sorry for being so late!

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Oh wow, that is neat! :D I have seen some bundles for PSVR up here too around Black Friday and Christmas. Did you got a bundle with some games? Or if not, are you looking into certain games? Resident Evil 7 should be very spooky if you play it as VR. :)

My holidays have been great! :D They included a lot of travelling, but we have seen a lot of family members we did not see in a while, so it was very nice. :)
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No problem! :D Did you have a nice day and receive some cool gifts? :D
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Sorry for being so late!

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So glad to hear that you're happy with them too! :D I was actually surprised how heavy Mikleo's staff is o.o My only gripe is that I'd love to display them as close together as possible but their coats are always getting in the way XDDD
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I got mine yesterday!! I absolutely love them <3
I actually think Sorey turned out amazing! Since someone on his thread posted how the paint was off on his coat I was a bit worried, but mine looks really good and accurate! I also adore how he looks without his coat on ^w^ I personally think Mikleo could've done with a biiiit more shading but he still looks gorgeous <3 Still can't believe I finally have my boys in my figure collection <333
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Oh wow an Aquarium! That's so nice actually :D It's definitely good to have another hobby apart from figure collecting, which can get quite nerve-wrecking at times with its constant delays and price increases -_-

My wallet is ready for SorMik xD Already bought a new display case to house my Zesty collection <3 I also preordered the new color ver. of Kotobukiya's Sorey since I was still shamefully missing the original >.<

Ugh that's a true shame! I just po'ed our EU Special Edition, which really turned out good I have to admit. Boy, so am I!! My body is ready for Flynn xD
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