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I'm not really active on here anymore except to manage lists, but I will respond to messages regarding sales or the like so if you want to buy something feel free to message me.

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I don't mind random friend requests, especially from other Evangelion fans. If you want to send one, go ahead! I almost never decline.
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This adorable Shinji by NEL
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Thanks for liking it! I quickly held it against the less dirty-looking-grey wig and it looks very nice next to it. :) Will very soon finish the wig and upload some pictures of it too. Everything is slowly coming together and the costume is close to finishing! Aaah! I'm also excited to start wearing everything! :D

If you want to see it in action by the way, I will be entering a competition that has a livestream with it. Date: 17th of June and will start 2PM Dutch Amsterdam time (not sure about what the exact time will be in your timezone). Website for livestreaming still has to be let known by the organisation, but before it was www.whenever.is (currently offline).
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Hey! You were one of the people I asked for advice on how I should paint Calne's roach/isopod/etc.-everyone-calls-it-differently! So I wanted to show you the end result: www.cosplay.com... I'm very pleased with it! :)
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Haha, I know right!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm not sure why they skipped his arm muscles for a big part (normally those stand out more with YGO characters!), but I'm definitely not complaining about those pretty legs coming from under that skirt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Although probably my favorite YGO bod is Malik's ITEM #166660 , he is slightly more buff than Atem, but still 'lean muscled'. Recently made a new picture of his back btw after re-unboxing him: PICTURE #1971401 Swoon

But haha, sounds like you should maybe add Atem to your collection even though you're not into YGO. I mean, how much figures are even there with this body type or with fanservice in the form of panties with bulge and muscled legs.

I do have to add that this is really a gem in the ARTFX J YGO line so far, as others had more problems with glue spots, paint looking sloppy after a while etc. If Koto is still planning more of these, I hope they keep up the quality of Atem. Koto may not be the ~best manufacturer ever~, but if you're paying 75% of the price of an Alter/GSC figure and you end up getting a figure with at least 75% of the quality of an Alter/GSC figure, you just got what you paid for and should not complain?? It's just popular to be on the Koto hate train, just like being on the Alter love train.
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IT IS DONE BLOG #39944 !

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Actually both Jason and Freddy got a re-release recently, so none of them are expensive anymore now. But when only their first release was there, Jason's price skyrocketed while Freddy was still in stock in so much stores. I felt so sad for Freddy. :') But design-wise the Jason figure is so much better. Heck, I actually even enjoy Freddy's movies more than Jason's, but even then I only bought Jason's figure lol. They also don't really feel like a set to me, so I don't feel like I need to buy Freddy to 'complete' them.

Oh, do you have pictures of that cosplay? I absolutely love seeing cosplays like that! It's also one of the reasons why I am stoked for my Calne cosplay. Being pretty and not pretty at the same time. :) SPEAKING ABOUT CALNE. The costume is quite far done now! Would say almost 90%, but I I will be so busy soon, so I will be working on small parts to complete the outfit probably on random late nights and not make much pics anymore (will now just upload a backlog of pics I made earlier). The con where I will enter the costume in the competition is a bit over a month away. Here some random progress that I think I did not share with you yet:




Just a few days ago I pre-ordered ITEM #675943 and had an almost-nope moment when I got to the shipping...it was very high because of SAL still not being available here, sigh. :( Luckily the price for the figure was good and the yen still pretty low, but yegh. I think I will wait more for aftermarket and huge orders with my proxy instead of pre-ordering soon again. On the other hand, I am not expecting much to come soon that I must need actually. I'm quite glad that I never got really into any of the Fate games or anime lol. But I do especially like ITEM #464644 on your ordered list! :)

The first item I wanted from a famous J-Fashion brand was a dress shirt for $90. After shipping and local taxes not to even mention the socks, accessories etc. that are going with it... The outfit cost me way more than any of my business outfits for work and most of my simple cosplays. But I love it, though! maakie.tumblr.c... Right now for an new coord my biggest expense will probably be the shoes, rather than the rest of the stuff that I have found locally. And yeah it's so hard to keep up with J-Fash, if there are certain releases you have to decide between dropping $50+ for a simple t-shirt or missing the release with the chance of never finding it in your life again. X_X

There was a big rejoice in our small collector community when the talks about Japan and us were announced! But it's been so many years, that we think they are stuck in negotiations... Come on Japan, let us get our plastic cheaper, and we will send you cheese and flowers lol.

Speaking about plastic, any upcoming announcements you are excited for? I think I will maybe buy my first 1/4 bunny with ITEM #676240 (although I think aftermarket is better for her price, looking at the rest of the line). And although I stopped collecting Native, I think I will pick up ITEM #676072 .

Oh god, I swoon over almost every character in YGO. Normally a franchise has like 1 or 2 characters I feel attached to, but with YGO it's ALL OF THEM except 1 or 2 lol.
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I like coming across the occasional Eva meme every now and then. Where is the new movie though

With how it's going, I think they will continue to release a few Horror Bishoujo every year. :) I'm still a little bit salty that only starting from Chucky they started making wounds/scars on them. I got this feeling that they will re-issue Edward in a while, but with scars and I'll be stuck with a 'pretty' one. :S (I ordered her because I am a huge fan of Edward Scissorhands, but I thought that the pretty non-scarred face was a huge downside.) Oh yeah, the design for Pinhead looks insane (those feet!!). I don't think I will buy her though, because I try to stick to only characters that are my horror faves. I'm curious to ITEM #675732 too! Keep them coming, Koto!

Sometimes I even see random swimsuit figures at 12-13K??? Considering if I pre-order, I mostly pre-order Koto figures, I hope their prices will stay under 10K...especially if they continue with YGO figures again (it has been quiet on that for a while, I'm curious if they want to continue). Except for the few lines and characters where I really collect from, I lose interest in most other figures with nowadays high prices. I don't do impulse pre-orders anymore. Which is good for my wallet. Money that I have 'saved' by buying less collectibles in the last few years mainly went to pay-offs for my mortgage and a bit to J-Fashion as I picked up another expensive hobby.

There are always many talks between countries about making importing either harder or easier. Many rumors about it getting stricter in the USA, but I don't think you should worry about anything soon. As for the Netherlands specifically, there has been talks for 3+ years about free trade between the Netherlands and Japan and our governments should still be talking about it...but it has been quiet for so long. I don't know if they will ever finalize those plans. If they do, this hobby would get so much cheaper for everyone that buys online and also prices from local stores will stop being so insane. It's a win-win. (It will not solve the problems with customs from any other countries, but it would make 90% of my importing easier lol.)

Just yesterday, I started typing for the opening parts for my review. Gah! I'm so in love with all the shimmering gold on him. Need to calm down. ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
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It's one of the things what also keeps me on ordering Horror Bishoujo and Mewtwo items, even though I think their prices are a slightly bit too high...I want them to be making more! Speaking about Horror Bishoujo, I just ordered Ash a few days ago ITEM #600025 , her details look amazing and my husband and I are big fans of Evil Dead! :)

Oh yes, back in the day only really big 1/4's or smaller sized with huge elaborate bases were 10K. Now, except for Kotobukiya, ever simple scaled figure starts at 10K. Even plain bikini or schoolgirl figures, egh. I remember about 7-8 years ago I told myself when I saw ITEM #5453 for sale for about 9K that it was 'too much even though she was such a big figure'. Oh my, if I could have looked into the future...

It seems like pretty soon (almost) all of Europe will be without SAL. With the crazy taxes we have on top of that, it's now even better for everyone's wallet and stress-levels to keep it to big/group-orders in big EMS packages and don't import too much. It's nice that within Europe we have free borders and can easily travel and buy from other local countries, but we go through hell if we try to get stuff from Asia or the USA. Even worse when you sometimes have things you want outside of hobby's that you can only get there. Long story short: The types of make-up I can use is pretty limited for me, so specifically the type of foundation I use can't be bought in Europe anymore (they stopped distributing it), so I have to import it from the USA with a shitton of documents for importing cosmetics and having to convince them it's for personal use and not reselling...siiiiigh.

Anyway, congrats on the raise! :D That is amazing news (and I hope it's not temporary for you!). Every bit of extra money helps! Be it for hobby related purposes or paying off debts etc.

Thanks! :) I think my pictures definitely have improved since I got my light box and I am planning to upgrade to a better camera in hopefully less than a year (but I keep postphoning this purchase because of other stuff coming inbetween, such as a new fridge we just had to buy >.<). Anyway, glad you're looking forward to it! I'm pretty sure I will go overboard with talking about Atem, especially because he has some 'goods' to look at under the skirt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Yeaah! I would love to see a figure of Xellos! Or one of those Volks kits from him is fine too! But I also think Gourry and/or Amelia in Nendoroid-form is next. Maybe at the same time with a Lina Figma. Do you plan on buying everything in the Slayers line (if they come) and gifting them away as a collection for your partner? :)

How's it going collection-wise with you? I have toned down so much in buying things. What also really 'helps' in that is that there are new restrictions for packages here in Western-Europe, which are very similar to all the stuff that happened around 2 years ago in Eastern-Europe (SAL not being allowed etc., maybe you have read about it). It's getting harder and harder to import items if you live over here... *sigh* I just limit myself into being in a few group orders a year for some really rare items I absolutely want. And mainly stick to my older faves, with sometimes a bit newer Yu-Gi-Oh! items mixed in. Oh! About that, you have maybe noticed how dead my blog is, but I am planning a review of ITEM #450031 next (pictures are done, just no time to write yet). Maybe you will like it, considering you liked ITEM #166660 ! :)
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Ah, but I'm glad to read you ordered at least one to show your support! :) I would have liked to support it myself, but I need to be a lot more selective with collectibles, I own way too much stuff and a Slayers (mini) collection is not planned. :P

I would love to see a small Nendoroid army of Slayers characters, but a Figma (line!) would also be nice!
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