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Hi, I'm Nefere. I like to share knowledge with others, mostly via wikias and database websites. Lately I'm contributing here and on TouhouDB dedicated to Touhou doujin music.


I want to catch up stuff I couldn't afford in college times, mostly Kagerou Project items. The story about unfortunate teenagers means a lot for me and I always have a place for it in my heart. I would go on and on about it.


An undying love to Kagerou Project means I'm into Vocaloid as well! My favorites are Miku (obviously), Rin, Len, IA and GUMI. I love story-driven songs and series. I've contributed into Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki and VocaDB.


There's a certain place in my heart for Unity-chan, a mascot of game engine's Japan division. I've first meet her as a Vocaloid voice bank, but her cheerful and lively voice lured me into liking her.


I love most stuff related to Japan and it's folklore, and I can't say no to shrine maiden outfits :) I'm studying Japanese by myself, which is far of ideal. I'm trying to fix this by buying books and games in Japanese that are either easy or about a topic I know or like.


Playstation 4 is my only game platform. I like story-driven games with an exploration aspect and stunning visuals. Love Ueda Fumito works and a little fairytale game about a wolf and a prince ENTRY #161385.


What I'm doing here?
* enjoying figure and merch!
* adding garage kits during recent events,
* adding photos of bootlegs and rarely reporting entries of copied figures.

By the way, I made a partial translation of Hpoi, a Chinese website for anime figure collectors.



Unlisted stuff I own

* ALL THAT FIGURE 2000 by HOBBY JAPAN - garage kit photo artbook + building guides
* The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story by Future Press - enachced walkthrough of the game
* Zofia Alberowa - O sztuce Japonii - Polish academic book about the art of Japan (Wiedza Powszechna in 1983),
* Tales of Zestiria doujins: T Na rifolium, 眩む星屑空を切って,
* Poland journey log by 4 otakus (yet to add as a doujin).

Chinese figures: Hpoi profile
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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