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Hi, im interested wargreymon megahouse
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I saw the ad that was post on the PERSONA 5 THE ANIMATION - QUEEN [FIGMA 417] but when I go to the site it says it's not available should I keep checking or was it sold already
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I just ordered this figure from them on the 21st of May,

Zettai Junpaku♡Mahou Shoujo - Suzuhara Misa - 1/7 - Bunny Girl Style (Ques Q)

Fingers crossed after reading everything they ship it soon and all goes well. ^-^
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Just have ordered No Game No Life - Shiro - 1/7 (Kotobukiya) from them, now i'm waiting for it to arrive. btw it changed from "Available" to "Soon Available" when i bought it. There was only 1 copy of it ?
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Why are you posting on here that things are in stock when they aren't?
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These people are shady.
They advertised a figure for several days saying "it is now available for $206," without it actually being available, and when the day came that on their website it actually was available, they changed the price to $355.
False advertising, customer service completely deflected the ticket I made about this, and they deleted all their previous advertisements that would otherwise prove that they did this.
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WARNING. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. They list things on their site that they don't actually have in stock. Instead of refunding you right away like any other respectable store, they e-mail you asking if you would like a refund and take their sweet time giving you YOUR MONEY BACK. THIEVES.
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