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12 mese/i faaznslovericeaznsloverice
Ordered a Tenshi figure for a good price and it arrived in two days in perfect condition. She even threw in a few bonuses! Would definitely recommend ordering from her again!
12 mese/i fa (2 mese/i fa)orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
Ordered the Magical Nia figure from her, it arrived in basically 2 business days, and her price was very fair :) would definitely order from her again!!
11 anno/i faTristargamerTristargamer
Item get! I received my three figures (One Sega Satsuki Kill La Kill, Mami Tomoe Magical girl Nendoroid and Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan) and they were all in wonderful condition!! She wrapped them very tightly and has been communicative and responsive through the whole thing. I really appreciate her being my first seller on the site! :D
11 anno/i faMurasaki-chanMurasaki-chan
Received Nendoroid classroom! The seller is really nice and everything went smooth!
Nothing to complain about. I'm an international buyer, but I had no problems.
11 anno/i faGenosiderGenosider
Just got my Fam Beach Queens figure 2 days ago, it arrived pretty fast and safely in one piece xD thanks ! ~

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