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Saving up for the Senku Resin!
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Great seller! Very nice to deal with and everything was fast and smooth. Definitely recommended!
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Yet another great seller. Always happy to buy from MFC users and I'd recommend Onexpiece_hearts for sure!
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Thank you so much!! ^_^
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i love her
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Excellent person to do business with! Very courteous and responsive, great communication, and helped the transaction process go through smoothly!
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gawd damn ur pfp
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Thank you even if it's late still really appreciate it, was just going through a real tough time then so didn't check.. sorry
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Very communicative and pleasant buyer, understanding and honest, a pleasure to do business with! Would happily do business again with them!
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that wont work since ive already noted it down
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