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My figures are all Brand New and sealed, Probably not the best price but I will take care every buyers need and pack your figure carefully.
Im able to negotiate, and try my best to fit your condition

The only problem is im not able to provide pic before you are very sure that you gonna buy them.
the reason is I need to order figures from distributor, and I need to pay to distributor first, too many ppl are just asking pic and not buying it after i got the figure from distributor.
Im willing to take pic after you pay for the figure or at least after I can feel that you are gonna buy it.
Buyers are alot easier to issue a refund on Paypal, If you think Im selling bootleg or products are not as what you expected after you receive it, welcome to issue a refund : )


One of the best sellers I have ever bought from! Super communicative, excellently packed, and allowed me to get a figure that otherwise would've taken months to get here! Thank you sir!
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For the bunny jibril figure thanks (:
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How much would shipping be to Florida?
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I didnt notice that. it should be good now
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