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ecchi mahou shoujo
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Hi! This is my new acc, my old one is waruna, but I couldn't log in.
I'm a girl from Hungary. You can call me as you wish, but I really love pancakes.(it doesn't make any sense) I'm wearing lolita fashion, making my own cosplays. I like to be alone, reading mangas, watching anime and so. I'm learning computer engineering. I'm smiling and hyperactive a bit, but that's okay. Sometimes I think I love my hobbies too much. ^^

My favourite characters are Kuroneko, Senjougahara, Homura and Haruhi. I like moe animes and my favourite is ecchi. I like cute girls, maids, girls with guns and girls with big boobs. You know, it's my thing. :3
I have a lot of favourite anime girl group, but most of them are from SHAFT or KyoAni, I really love K-ON! and LoveLive beside Mahou Shoujo thingies.

I'm collecting figures since 2010-2011. I love them, but now I don't have enough space for them. I finally found the perfect shelf for them (IKEA-Billy with glass doors), but now I don't have space for them, so actually I'm buying figures and leave them in their boxes. Sounds less fun I know.

You can add me as friend or write me a comment if you want! I like to chitchat and make friends. ^^ ~~


NP ^^,Hope you had fun
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Boldog Szülinapot Purrple-chan!
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Happy late B-Day
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Hi,I like your profile pic,profile and collection.Homura is my favorite Puella Magi Madoka Magica character and one of my most favorite characters and I see your also a fan of her and I’m also a Haruhi fan too
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Lel, még nakama.xD

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Purrple3 anno/i fa#24402967Hi! I wrote you a pm some month ago about the nisekoi nendos, it's still actual, please if you have time, respond me :) Have a great day!Hi, sorry for missing it! I'll get on it right away :>
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Purrple3 anno/i fa#20821148Nagyon Boldog Szülinapot! :)

Köszi! :-)
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Purrple3 anno/i fa#17865077Nagyon boldog szülinapot!!
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Köszönöm =^-^=
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Köszönöm szépen :)

Purrple3 anno/i fa#17701444Nagyon boldog szülinapot!! ^^
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Boldog Születésnapot! :3
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Megane, dojikko, nyaa, flat chested, maid
Kalafina, Love Live, K-ON!