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Welcome to my page here on MFC. Feel free to take a look around and talk to me if you want. I enjoy chatting about figures, anime, art, Japan, and many other topics.

I welcome friends if you wish to friend me. If I sent you a FR its because I think we have similar interests.

I like collecting figures and garage kits. I've been painting GKs for almost 2 years now. In my humble opinion, I think I've gotten quite good at it. I will continue to paint GKs for many years to come. I post a lot of photos of the kits I paint so feel free to check out my work.

For anyone wishing to inquire, having a full time job means I can't be painting full time. However, that also means I have no need to charge money for painting kits. So I will paint your kit for free if you wish. Please be considerate of the materials at my disposal and request paint jobs I can paint with colors I have or can mix. PM/comment me for details as needed.

If you like my work please let me know with comments, scoring, and faving.

Thanks for visiting! :)

Finished Kit(s):
Torakotti - ITEM #195648 ~ Photos
Yuni - ITEM #375317 ~ Photos
Aooni Shoujyo (NSFW) - ITEM #532623 ~ Photos
Mirai no Takeo-chan Bust - ITEM #57385 ~ Photos (as ENCYCLOPEDIA #6209)
Hatsune Miku - ITEM #29895 ~ Photos
Nude Girl GK (NSFW) - Not in Database ~ Photos
Playground loli (NSFW) - Not in Database ~ Photos
Stairs loli (NSFW) - Not in Database ~ Photos

In Progress Kit(s):
Tera Elin Lancer - ITEM #165462 ~ Photos
Free commission #1 ITEM #468511 ~ Photos
Free commission #2 ITEM #11584

Future Kit Projects:
Murder-chan ITEM #167774 into a loli maid w/ Cake (No gore)
Tera Elin ITEM #198177 into kanna kamui ENCYCLOPEDIA #101110 (bunny girl version)
Yakumo Yukari ITEM #329303 into kirishiki sunako ENCYCLOPEDIA #5774
Kitsunetsuki ITEM #372035 into a Blade & Soul Lynn w/ these features PICTURE #1478902
Finding a kit to mod into Tetra ENCYCLOPEDIA #79539
Tera Elin ITEM #234175 mod into the Ninja Elin w/ Shuriken weapon
Punti MOE
Lots and lots of lolis :)


C. My Unpainted Kits83

C. My Painted Kits5

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Wonder Showcase #058 (Silent Minority)Original Character - Takeo-chan - Mirai no Takeo-chan - Bust (Seikoro Caramel)Original Character - Torakotti (ReplyFrom...)Chain Chronicle - Yuni - 1/8 (Misterium)Original Character - Aooni Shoujo - 1/6 (Kesaran Pasaran)







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