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I am an art collector and artist myself i am very fortunate but work part time for my money so i save up and only buy the figures i must have and or really want
I also collect video games and video game goods so my figure collection is relatively small as i have more then one collection



Thank You :)
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Saw this and thought of you, fam:


I gotta believe over half of that is shipping. In my dreams for sure.
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Thanks for your comment! I don’t necessarily purchase figures and collectibles on debt. I managed to get a break even. Tuition was on debt for me at the time though zzz... but not anymore. Working hard in life does pay off!
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Hi, not sure what time this was sent. If you'd like some photos just let me know where to send them.

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Wow, frame by frame sounds tedious but you are right, it'll give it the old school look.

And I just saw that Toon Boom has a monthly payment (*゚ロ゚) I thought Toon Boom had a one-time payment, like Procreate.... iMac is a pretty sweet computer and I thought about getting it a year ago but I realized I won't fully utilize it's full potential anyways; it'll be more suited for someone like you since you're an artist and animator.

And a light box table sounds cool! How do you draw with a light box? You sound like you prefer drawing with physical tools than digital tools.

Also drawing takes lots of time and patience... Since you love art, it sounds like it's worth burning though time. Good things, like art, takes time right?
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I guess you try to imagine that you're pausing during a scene in your animation and try drawing that?

How do you animate btw? I always thought you draw your stuff in your drawing program, like Mobile Studio Pro or PaintTool Sai and throw it all together in Toon Boom or Adobe Animate.
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You can still put together an art portfolio though right? even with the art college being closed.

Plus, with all the free time you got now, I'm sure you can make an art piece or have ideas that can go into your portfolio.
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Nah, no freaking way @_@ You can't be too old for that.

Just have a banging portfolio with work experience to back you up.
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Animation sounds pretty awesome!! Any studio you'd like to work for?

I sincerely I hope you'll get your dream job and if that Wacom 16 helps you, then sounds like it's worth it.
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As long you love making digital art ^^

I hope you'll get your dream job that involves art, like working for video game studio?
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