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;A; I still can't PM you– could you clear your inbox or leave another way for me to contact you...?
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My apologies for the comment– I was trying to message you just now, but it seems like your inbox is full > < ;; Could you check on that...?
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Nice profile pic xD
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Hey, thanks for the friend request. You've got a nice collection!
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YuanMori Fluffy gumiho
RolanMcDolan8 anno/i fa#1205986Hey, you seem to know your stuff as far as Busou Shinkis go. I'm intrigued by the armor-building aspect of the line, and have a Strarf Lavina FAP kit on the way. Of the Shinkis you own, which has the most parts and the most potential for creative armor-building?

I'd say the Valkyries - Altlene and Altines, but they're VERY hard to get ahold of right now. They were expensive beforehand and now that they're main characters in the anime they're even more pricey. Best bet would be to pray for a re-release (if Konami starts releasing more).

After that, I'd say the Arnval and Strarf MK2s. The beetle girls Espadia and Lancamento when bought together have armor that combines so you can do some neat things if you have both, and they're not expensive when they pop up on Mandarake (usually about 4000 yen each, actually. They weren't too popular but I like them). The Vic Viper girls Lirbriete and Vervietta have armor with three forms - robot, Vic Viper form and armor form, so they have a lot of potential too.

Also, since parts are fairly interchangeable between shinkis (just some issues between MMS1st and MMS3rd bodies), you can get some interesting combinations going. Arnval, Arnval MKII, Werkstra, Mizuki Type 2 and Strarf MK2 Lavina all have armor by the same designer/manufacturer, so it looks good together. Altlene also has white armor so it mixes in well. :)
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Hi, just following up on the invoice I sent for your Ika slot here club/618/discus.... Please update me when you can. Thanks!
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Awesome AVI lol!!! XD
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Seeing Kayneth's pretty face makes day to a perfect day !
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Your profile picture is fabulous.
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RolanMcDolan8 anno/i fa#1011196The one and only, and he doesn't even have the Azusa Nendoroid on his wishlist? HERESY
Nigga please, she's been sitting in there for months with the other 31 figures that I'll never be able to afford or get.
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