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Nendoroid Collector! Weaknesses are Dangan Ronpa and Vocaloid ~
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1774741Sankyuu for accepting~ Im kendric form the toy collectors group~!

You're most welcome. Yup, I recognised your display pic. See you around and don't be a stranger :D
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1772637Happy Bday!
thank you!!
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Impressive collection!
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1762952Nah, quite easy, just posting of the new nendoroids and kahotan's reviews when there are nendoroids in them :3

Okie sure, i'll help out till u ord ^^
How much did u pay to get that dolphin miku? She's the only other miku nendoroid i really want~
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1761847Yup, but I'm worried that I can't keep it running for long as I am enlisting soon and the other admins arent exactly free.....Would you like to help it? ^_^

hmmm i don't mind helping out, but i'm not really sure what i gotta do XD
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1761820Hahas, I see, I play the arcade version of project diva~ Are ya a student or NSF?

Neither ^^; i just started working this year, been helping in my dad's company.
Oh btw, u started sg nendoroid community on facebook?
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1761728The classics ah~ But then the modern pop ones are also nice hahs ^_^

yup ^^; unfortunately i only played the first project diva game on psp, so i only know the miku
songs from there and a little bit of len and ren. Will try listening to the newer songs when i'm
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1761708Not exactly bahs, its just that for this song, it belongs into a series about "happiness", thus the song is like this. ^^|| Still prefer Miku though :3

yea i still prefer the old songs like Melt and the world is mine.
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SGVocataku397 anno/i fa#1760695She's quite a recent vocaloid. Try this song, too addicted to it now XD www.youtube.com... If her limbs drop out, try putting just a small piece of blue tack in the holes where her arms are connected? I did that with my yukata miku and it seems to help a lil

lol~ just watched and listened to this song. My initial thought was, it's pretty weird and i actually thought the whole song will just be "migi, shita, ue migi migi" but after hearing it for a while it kinda grows on mi and like it ^^ Sounds like a despair song tho.. fitting for monokuma!
Are all her songs like this?
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