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I am a relatively recent follower of anime. I really only found myself invested in Japanese animation after leaving university. Prior to this my limited exposure to the medium was Ghibli movies and Poke'mon.

AND SO I CRAMMED. Many weekend's were spent watching seasons upon seasons of anime. My desk at work is decorated with figures as is my home and I love it.

I am slowly picking up Japanese language, working for a subsidiary of SEGA we get free classes at work which is cool. I work in the games industry as a systems and features designer.

Feel free to send me a friend request or post me a message. I enjoy chatting to other collectors, especially about anime and video games.
Re: Zero, No Game No Life, Konosuba, Fate: Zero, Fate: Stay/Night
Anything from DICE Stockholm or Bioware Montreal
Daft Punk, Porter Robinson, Two Steps From Hell



I didn’t do too much myself haha. Watching anime and games is always fun tho! 2019 isn’t going to be nice to my bank account either haha.
How’s the bunny girl senpai anime?

My goals are to travel around a little bit more! I actually want to visit the Uk eventually :D how about you?
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Happy 2019!! My Christmas and new year was great, how about yours?
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I don't know why it changed it. But sorts it now. Thank you for the message
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Errrr.......my birthday is in June. I mean thanks for thinking about me but I need to check that out. But a merry Christmas to you too :)
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No snow here either! We rarely get snow sadly. I hope to go to the mountains soon where there is snow haha. It makes Christmas time more fun!

No I still haven’t. Really want to though! I just need to find time haha. It looks so good.
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That sounds like fun. That can help for a more authentic experience too I bet.

Let me know how the airbrushing goes! I’ve always wanted to try that hahaha

I’m not doing anything particularly interesting during the holidays. Most likely working a lot. How about you?
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Waaah, I couldn't do that I would just give up after some time since I get really irritable when I'm tired. x3
That sounds really cool, a shame about the pictures though.
There was one in Cologne as well (which is really close) and my best friend wanted to go, but she couldn't get any tickets unfortuntately.
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That sounds actually really nice! I'm glad to hear that you did enjoy your birthday.
Thanks, I'm fine! It's pretty cold here, that's true, but unfortunately there is little to no snowfall :(
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That’s awesome! I imagine learning Japanese could be beneficial in your field haha. I want to go to Japan as well one day ^^

I will admit - I have a lot of fun at conventions here. I am curious about European conventions I bet they are a blast as well!
That garage lit looks super badass. Let me know your progress!
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Have a good day :)
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