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I am a relatively recent follower of anime. I really only found myself invested in Japanese animation after leaving university. Prior to this my limited exposure to the medium was Ghibli movies and Poke'mon.

AND SO I CRAMMED. Many weekend's were spent watching seasons upon seasons of anime. My desk at work is decorated with figures as is my home and I love it.

I am slowly picking up Japanese language, working for a subsidiary of SEGA we get free classes at work which is cool. I work in the games industry as a systems and features designer.

Feel free to send me a friend request or post me a message. I enjoy chatting to other collectors, especially about anime and video games.
Re: Zero, No Game No Life, Konosuba, Fate: Zero, Fate: Stay/Night
Anything from DICE Stockholm or Bioware Montreal
Daft Punk, Porter Robinson, Two Steps From Hell



I am a huge KLK fan yeah. Nonon was my fave of the council, still mad no one's made a figure of Nui yet.

I...actually really super dislike Franxx, it's just a shameless ripoff of Evangelion which I'm a really big fan of (Sadly don't have any of my figures of that series anymore. Been culling my collection and they were the easiest to leave behind)
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Lmao. So basically there's this re-cast site called [Link removed] which is where me and another user here called Ponnie get their kits from. Pre-orders can take a while though. My last one took like 6 months because they have to fill quotas to produce. They have sales a LOT as well so you'll get kits at reduced prices.
If you're morally okay with them being re-cast from the original kit (so you're not getting the original) then there's your boy.

MOD note: Please do not link to bootleg sites.
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Truthfully, I work in recasts. I have one official kit and it was hands down the WORST kit I'd ever worked with. Most people are scalpers for official ones, they buy from the builder and resell for extortion.
I know where you could get a pre-painted of that Satsuki (recast) and a pre-order for a recast.

And you're correct with the paint theory :) and thanks for the compliment. My Kill la Kill kits were done by hand as they were pre-airbrush. One day I might go and repaint them with better skills but for now I'm happy with them.
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I don't actually know what airbrush I use lmfao, it came with my generic run of the mill compressor. Probably should upgrade though, the needle's bent and it spits a lot.
I'd recommend Iwata airbrushes if you want something high end that will last. H&B also. Seems to be what everyone else uses. I only just started airbrushing... Ehm. When my Jinx kit was made. But I started GK painting last year.

For that style of pupils, you'd probably be alright with masking since they're more sectioned than gradiented. If you're gonna go for it though, I'd say use enamels on top of lacquer (so all your base stuff is lacquer, after it's cured do details in enamel). I haven't yet because I'm too lazy, but you can essentially wipe off excess enamel, as it's colder than lacquer, so you can use enamel thinner and it won't bust through the lacquer beneath, if that makes sense?
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Thank you so much <3
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Sure looks that way. x3
Sorry for the late reply btw. I always take long with longer texts anyway and the last days have been pretty hectic. :<
Well, that's true if we're talking music. Your collague is right in regards to the lyrics, but it's not that bad imo, because the German in Blumenkranz is hardly understandable anyway.

I don't actually remember much of Inuyasha since it didn't air completely and nowadays I'm not exactly interested anymore, but I sure loved it as a child. Sure sounds that way and with anime being stigmatized back then it felt that way too. x3

I never considered that, I'm not all that interested in furthering my 'craft' and I don't cosplay anyway (can't even sew). I'm content with it being just a hobby. My mum makes plushes too btw (small ones) and sells them.^^

I probably did that myself somehow, so it's not really something worth feeling sorry for. x3
Hats off to you, I'd be way to afraid to bring my figures to work (sunlight... other people... me knocking it over.... are just a few 'horror'-scenarios I could imagine).^^

To be fair, tragic pasts in media are a staple especially with that kind of story. But yeah, Sakura being like that isn't really believable (though if she has a serious personality disorder like split-personality that might be a different story).

I loved that moment too, it's just too adorable and dorky (so 'adorkable' I guess x3). I love her craziness too! Do you remember Kairi sitting in that car while she was driving? Real gold^^

I don't particularly like the opening, but I love the show itself and Type-Moon for poking fun at their own stuff. x3
While I'm not really fond of Illya I did love the episode where Berserker went out for his errand, that was so cute and hilarious. I really hope they leave Cu alive in the cooking spin-off, I don't want to see him die anymore. The beach volleyball game they had was pretty epic btw.

Tbh, I don't have dreams beyond getting a reletively safe desk-job. I'd love to have dreams and aspirations, but I'll never find fullfilment in any kind of job, so that's not something I'm looking for. My university education looks like a dead end, but I really like it right now, so I'll enjoy it for a bit longer.^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Not to mention the genuinely funny and original comedy, which doesn't seem out of place (if placed wrongly that can weaken emotional response to serious scenes after all). I adore Satsuki too, though I'd argue that she's just the (epic) antagonist in the first half (makes her mother pale in comparison tbh).

Depends, seeing how quite a few children's shows here are actually anime, but I guess you're referring to the first one I watched knowing that it's anime right? I actually don't really remember... it might've been Naruto way before it aired in tv, a friend of mine wanted me to try this 'hot' new stuff. Ok, first conscious anime might not be entirely right, watching Inuyasha and the like in tcv I already knew about anime (started collecting manga back then too), but Naruto was the first one I actually seeked out in the internet (I wish it would've been something better, but oh well^^").

creative outlet seems cool, I'm not all that creative (though I can knit, which also falls under 'crafts'). Ofc relationships happen in time, but it's obviously not good to neglect them (talking about relationships in general not only romantic ones).

That's what I have too + a scratch on the ribbon at the back of her dress (how that happened I do not know). Well, I want my favorite figure to be in as perfect condition as possible, so I'd buy a new one in case of a rerelease and then I'll also definitely put something on top of the pommel of her sword (might alo reduce the slight wobble, due to it not fitting perfectly). It always depends on the overall look of the figure, but in general I don't care about bunny/cat style either. I'm not as strict with perfect resemblance though, as long as the figure still looks good.

I don't think 'natural' is aword that is taboo when dealing with fantasy. The setting might be supernatural, but the characters can still be believable and feel 'human' (natural might actually be a good word to describe their beaviour). Well, you can't really hate Kiritsugu that's for sure and compared to a lot of other protagonists he's like a breath of fresh air, that doesn't make him likeable though...
I've recently rewatched Fate/Zero and that scene with Rin really choked me up (again), also her having to deal with the murderer of her father.
Iskandar and Waver were great, they added real relief and fun to the anime (otherwise it might've been too heavy), their dynamic was just beautiful and heartwarming.

I didn't like Apocrypha either, but I definitely liked some characters. Mordred and Kairi should've been the protagonists, but ofc they decided to make the most bland and boring character in the whole series the main...
I didn't like Shirou and Semiramis all that much, but the love story certainly added something to the story.
About other Fate animes... well, I don't have any strong opinions about most (good or bad), apart from the ones we discussed already.
Btw. did you watch Carnival Phantasm?
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Kill la Kill is really cool, rewatched it recently too (because it was on Netflix and I'm lazy x3). Anything else you enjoyed or more like do you have a favorite anime (or maybe even several ones)? That figure is looks really good, I just really don't like SAO and don't want to support it in any way (also she wouldn't really fit my collection). I get that thing about dynamic poses or elaborate details, favorite characters too of course, but I realised that visuals are just as important to me when purchasing figures.

That sounds kinda painful, but also great, having work you get invested in like that and you enjoy with all your heart. I'm not all that passionate about anything really, so I'm quite envious.^^
But you shouldn't work yourself to the bone either imo, if you sacrifice too much for your job you won't be left with anything else, which would be a real shame. Besides, relaxing and having other stuff in your life is important, especially when you're already questioning some decisions.

That might be it and I really love them for it (high prices or not). If the Saber Alter ever gets a rerelease I will buy another copy too, because mine has some paint transfers from the sword, because I didn't know about stuff like that when I started out and displayed her with it. Very interesting that they're not painted exactly the same too (guess they're at least partly painted by hand).^^ The contrast is indeed quite beautiful, my other Saber's (apart from the racing one) are also swinging swords so it's a nice contrast. I did own ITEM #276879 until like 2 months ago, but I'm not all that fond of wedding figures in general.

It is and the people are quite friendly and laid-back (most of them at least), beautiful too. Some parts are still dominated by high-rise buildings though (like close to the zoo for example), but that's true for a lot of cities everywhere. I'm watching it too and I really like the more goofy portrayal of the characters. My favorite will always be Fate/Zero though, because I like the more mature atmosphere (well... duh... the characters aren't highschoolers for once). Which one do you prefer?
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
How did you get into collecting... I mean fandom ofc, but usually there's a sort of trigger too.^^ Working in the game industry sounds amazing (even with the not-so-great pay though, i that fun?
I'd bet the rent is pretty bad, there are some cities like that here too I'm actually living close to one (Cologne) too, but in a neighboring city, which makes rent a lot cheaper. I always feel a bit sorry for boxed up figures, but there's no avoiding that with a lack of space (at least they won't get dusty). I'll get another Billy/Morliden in a few months (close to my birthday), I'm not lacking space, but a few figures are still staying out in the open.

It sure is, apart from the points you mentioned, she has a sort of more simplistic beauty that haunts you. Also I don't know what Altr does differently than other manufacturer's, but the texture feels incredibly smooth and pleasant for some reason. The Huke one looks nice too (though I'm not really a fan of the visuals... same for other characters). I'm glaad I went with the Alter one though... or more... that I ordered her at all, since it was an impulse preorder when I just started collecting (way to raise the bar from the get-go though x3).
Oh, I sure wish I could, but I only got a cheap one with some lamps so I have decently lit pictures for my reviews and lootposts (seeing how I'm not much of a 'writer' I want to at least provide that).^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Thanks for accepting, I'm collecting for about a year and a half now, but I have a part-time job I'm keeping just to afford the hobby.^^" I also have a big apartment (well at leat the living room is big) and my boyfriend doesn't mind me filling it with plastic beauties. x3
How long have you been collecting?

I have him boxed up now, but he seemed quite big for being 1/10... I can take some comparative pictures the next time I actually set up my picture-tent (though displaying him him next to 1/7 might still be a stretch).^^
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