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Anything from DICE Stockholm or Bioware Montreal
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Soarin (6 mese/i fa) #27274706So many good anime seasons came to an end recently, Boku No Hero Academia was excellent! Have you heard of the following per chance? myanimelist.net...
The OVA was something of an interesting prelude, it has the setting typical of a Disney movie with a destitute and unloved child playing the MC.

Oooh I haven't heard of that one but it sounds interesting! I'll try to check it out *_*
I'm in the middle of a cross Europe move so I haven't seen an anime in ages XD hopefully once stuff settles down I can catch up with the new stuff.
And yesss BnHA is amazing, I'm following the manga and it's just so goooood >_<
I realized just now I forgot to answer your previous comment too T_T I'm all over the place XD;;
But yeah, the packing up of scales has been a nightmaaaaare. And somehow the tail of my Cat Lap Milk catgirl was lost T^T
I'm dreading the actual move because the thought of having some company keep my boxes of stuff for like 3-4 days while they transport them is giving me major anxiety with all the what ifs...ugh
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Soarin (7 mese/i fa) #25347637I reinstalled Guild Wars 1 last week and am going to play through the campaigns if you are up for it! There are not many people on anymore which is a shame, I had been discussing it with a few of the designers at work who are on the Total War franchise. We all miss the character skills templates from Guild Wars 1, one of them is actually borrowing some of the concepts for her own indie game.
My main was an elementalist/mesmer, I started with warrior on launch but elementalist as a class was so much more interesting for me. I never played dervish, paragon, assassin, mesmer or ritualist... really looking forward to giving those classes a go!

Aaah You make me want to reinstall it too XD I would love to play it again tbh tho I'd need a moment to relearn the skills etc XD but right now is horrible timing for me as I'm preparing a cross Europe move in the next 2 months >_< but after that once everything has settled down, I'd be up for it most likely :D at least to log in and do a mission or some vanquishing...I was working on my GWAMM title before I stopped playing.
The character skill templates were the best. Such a good system.
I started as a Sin, disliked it, rolled a Derv and it was insta love. But I later rolled a Rit who became my most played chara with a pure spirit build that was so much fun to play.
I'd definitely recommend Ritualist! Derv changed a lot after a huge buff then nerf and system overhaul so it's a little different now than it used to be.
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Soarin (7 mese/i fa) #25346529No need to apologise there was no offence taken! I binged Boku no Hero Academia on the weekend, it was cute and so idealistic but pretty dark at the same time.
I "played" for a while doing horse breeding simulator online. Unfortunately I picked an aspect of the game where 5 days worth of levelling horses was followed by a process where the user is entirely at the mercy of RNG. Horse levelling was basically an AFK action, set a patrol loop, attach horses to wagon and come back in 4 days. An overly passive activity with pretty poor rewards and added up to a massive energy bill over 3 months.
Some aspects of the game are incredible, but I do not believe it was well adapted to the western market. Guild Wars 1 still outshines many of the newer games in terms of concepts and design. The only thing I felt I ever achieved in that game was a high number of downloads for my character templates which is pretty sad as it does not even require me to play.

Oooh yay you watched it :) BnHA is very idealistic yeah, it really reminded me of a bunch of Marvel/DC characters so it hit all the right spots :)

Lol yeah, I see what you mean. I only bothered to catch one horse and then moved on with my life gathering and fighting (I'm a hoarder in MMOs...)
Guild...Wars....1...OMG OMG you played???? I played that for 5 years straight!!! It is imo the best MMO out there and I still have super fond memories of it. What were you playing? My main was a Derv and a Rit :3 though I had one of each after a while XD
Sometimes I still log in and go to Kamadan and look at the chat. Memories man...I met my now husband in that game XD
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Soarin (8 mese/i fa) #25015255It is indeed the same editor used for Black Desert! Though it is not without it's fair share of bugs it's a great tool set, though I was a bit unhappy that the basic templates are character class locked. Did you play BDO?
Sorry completely forgot to answer, life's been crazy for me this past week >_<
But yeah :) I did, for a while, then I got really busy with work and had to stop, I'm still hoping to be able to pick it back up soon XD but it's just not been doable right now. I love that BDO has so many options...like be a farmer, tame horses, haggle and sell, fight etc it's so versatile. And the game is beautiful overall. Have you played?
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Soarin (8 mese/i fa) #24796898-snip-
Yes yesss I'd definitely recommend BnhA, it's a very good Shonen, very dynamic with many loveable characters. Hope you'll enjoy it :D do tell me what you think of it when you get to it.
Same! The Orca one hit all the right points for me, the post is great and it seems more realistic for some reason. But I seriously hope it'll be up for PO one of these days because Orca is known for their crazy delays (the one figure I have from them got delayed 1 year after release date D:)
And oooh! What a gorgeous Asuna in her Undine form. Is that editor from Black Desert btw? Kinda looks like it :D
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Soarin (8 mese/i fa) #24756604Hello and thanks for accepting the friend request! I see you like Touken Ranbu :D The anime from Ufotable is gorgeous, the quality of their work never fails to put a smile on my face. I have Yuri!!! on Ice in my binge list which I will get around to soon.
No problem :) thanks for friending me~ and hmmm for Touken Ranbu, I like the style and the character art mostly, but I have't seen the anime yet XD
Right now my obsession in life is Boku no Hero Academia, which I would 100% recommend if you haven't seen it yet. Yuri on ice is also a definitely favourite (and I guess that can be seen in my collection...*is obsessed*) I see you're waiting for the Orca Asuna too? I wonder if we'll ever get to see her in this lifetime...she's definitely my number 1 Asuna figure out there that I need to get my hands on...
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