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Hello! My name is Amber and I have always been a figure collector but only recently have I come to love nendoroids! I am hoping to expand my little collection with all of my favorite characters.


SonicSweeti3 anno/i fa#16380457Pms are full; I wanted to let you know I got my package yesterday but I had to wait until today to open it. You packed it so well and I just LOVE the Ed Elric cross stitch (i think thats what its called?) art! It is amazing and will be going right behind Ed as a backdrop once I get my display case (hopefully from Santa). DMG Is adorable and I just love that shes about the same size as a Nendoroid!
Thank you so so much and I hope your situation works out for you and you at least get to keep the favorites of your figure collection <3

Hi there, sorry for the delayed response! I've had a lot of computer troubles and finally got a new one as an early Christmas gift, so that'll be taken care of at least. Still having some money issues, but you've helped me a lot, as have other buyers. =)

I'm happy that the packaging worked out well, and I'm really glad you like the gift! =D Yes, it's cross stitch! I enjoy doing them, and they make nice, unique presents. It touches me to hear you'll be putting it with Ed! Best of luck with getting a display case from Santa, and enjoy your new treasures! Happy belated birthday! <3
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Sent you a friend request on FB :) Talk to you on Messenger in a bit
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I don't use Skype often but I do text constantly on Line. It's a messenger app and I like it because it lets me add people using just their user ids. Also it seems to have become popular in the anime world. Most shows that have their characters texting these days seem to be using the app lol but would you like to add me on Line? My username on the app is the same as it is here on MFC
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SonicSweeti3 anno/i fa#15966098what is ash greninja? XD
Greninja is a Pokemon. Ash greninja is the greninja that belonged to Ash..Please don't ask me who Ash is lol but just in case you do not know, he is the protagonist of the Pokemon show. Anyway, the demo gives you Ash's greninja as your pokemon to play the demo with. WHen the new game launches you can transfer that free greninja to the main game so you already have a cool greninja.
Why would you want Ash's greninja? Because its stats are better than the average greninja.
Also about the birthday thing, I feel you. I moved far from my friends and family so I had to celebrate mine with my husband and his family and friends coz I apparently suck at making friends irl. I hope your day goes well regardless and make sure to treat yourself. The world is tough and you should take very excuse you can get to give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far.
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Happy, happy birthday! How will you be celebrating? Whatever you choose to do or not, I hope you have a very good day.
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SonicSweeti3 anno/i fa#15532623Ahhh the demo; I decided not to load it and wait for it to come out to keep it a surprise. Glad you otherwise had a good birthday :D
Don't you want ash-greninja ?
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