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Hello hello! My name is Alex and welcome to my About Me section! I'm just your friendly collector! I started back in 2001 and my first ever figure was Princess Mononoke (ITEM #389). Imagine my surprise when I sold her 10 years later for quadruple the price. I started off with great instincts in regards to purchasing valuable figures!

Anyways, I used to buy absolutely every single thing that I wanted. I was a spoiled child! One day, everything changed. I sat down to try and enjoy my collection but simply couldn't. I had hundreds of things in my collection! I could barely even find a character when I wanted to! So, I started choosing quality over quantity and today I have A collection I'm proud of. It may be small but as they say, size doesn't matter LOL. I'm much more happy with my small collection than I ever was with hundreds of figures.

Nowadays I have very important criteria when buying!

First, I no longer purchase figures that I can "play" with: no more nendoroids, figmas etc. I find this gives my collection a mature flavor. As to this maturity, I think of it similar to someone purchasing fine art; you don't touch it after you get it but rather sit back and enjoy it.

Second, no more bikinis! This is just my opinion but bikini figures are way too similar. I mean there are only a few differences among them which are the face and the color of the bikini. The body type may have a few differences but when you look at a sea of bikini figures, you just can't tell them apart because the pose is practically the same too! They are all just standing there with boring bases!

Third, no more moe! I know I know this is practically the whole point of figure collecting but I found that moe simply cannot stand the test of time. They become popular but slowly fade out with age. I do have my own preferences but generally as long as the main focus of the figure is simply being cute then I won't buy it. I will make exceptions for characters that I will never fall out of love with like C.C. (ITEM #63273)

Fourth, the pose needs to stand out! As long as the figure can qualify as a centerpiece, i'm pretty much OK with it! This is because I try to keep at least three or four inches of space between each figure I display. This spacing allows each figure to be enjoyed! I know longer find them blending in with each other and can clearly notice each one even from a distance.

I can't think of any more criteria to add at the moment but I'm sure some exist because I scrutinize every single purchase far too much. I mean there are some exceptions in my collection like Clare (ITEM #267) whose pose can be considered boring but I picture her glaring at me and just waiting to slit my throat rather than thinking of her as just standing there.

Since I set such high standards for my collection, you can imagine how frequently I sell figures that don't live up to my scrutiny. That's why you should pay attention to my sales LIST #43511. Many have commented telling me that I'm selling their Holy Grail so definitely keep your eyes peeled open because you never know what I might sell.
Oh man! Where do I even get started? I guess I generally enjoy thought-provoking shows: conflicting philosophies, dystopian societies, obscure moralities and dialogue with depth.. I'll watch practically anything though. I also enjoy moe blobs :)
My preferences in novels are the same as my shows. Give me something thought-provoking or I simply cannot finish the novel.
I'll play anything good! I generally like to stick with RPG though I used to be a highly ranked RTS and MOBA gamer.
Once again, I'll listen to anything but I do have to admit that it mainly depends on my mood.
r/pcmasterrace for life


Happy Birthday! :)
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Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
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Happy bday Alex~ Hope you're doing well (:
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I don't remember how I found your profile page, but I'm totally saving your figure collecting tips in a Word document for future reference. You have some salient points there.
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Hey hey hey! You're from the Bay! I drive by there every week :D Glad to see a collector nearby!
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Nice to meet you, hope you will accept my friends request :) maybe we can chat sometimes ^^ *hug*
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Hi, I have no idea how I ended up on your profile, but found myself so sad after reading your bio. I hope u find someone else to love and loves you back too. Take care!
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Sythellri (3 anno/i fa) #2818140What do you mean exactly? I don't have them for sale anymore. Yoko has already been sold.

That is funny when I look at your profile I see that she is still in your collection. that is why I said you still had her. You should take her off of your collection if she is sold.

Tohsaka Rin was never up for sale but I've been debating selling her because I really hate how big her ass is. The figure's body proportions are completely wrong when compared to her VN or even anime proportions.

the way I positioned Rin I don't see the back end... And I find her very lovely meself.

Here is a list of what I'm currently selling if you're interested in getting something. I do have Kamina brand-new and he would look amazing with your Yoko.

I don't accept PayPal because my account is continuously limited for stupid reasons like receiving too much money or sending too much money also in some cases I'm not allowed to receive the money until several conditions are fulfilled like the package arriving or 21 days after receiving.

Thanks for letting me know I only knew of PayPal myself.

They are exploiting the fact that they have a near monopoly on sending and receiving money online.
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You have a few grails that i am sure people are sending you messages about yoko for one and Rin. Those I am surprised you still have up for sale. I have both so I am set but i know of so many on the forms that keep saying they want them and yet here you are and you still have them available.

Just out of curiousity why will you not accept payPal?

= )

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Sythellri (3 anno/i fa) #2809344Thanks for the friend request! I can see youre saber fan lol
Indead i am.
I would have had an even bigger collection by now if i had more space and more money.

Have ordered two large display cases and that took a huge chunk of money, so i wont be buying any more figures untill may and june.
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