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It's storming tonight...
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Hey, dropped you a dm
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Omg I have no idea what is wrong with my inbox but I sent you three messages and the end cut off on all of them I am so sorry T_T idk how to get the rest of my message to you now :’) maybe we could start using email instead lol
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Orz cleared out >.>

Also....might be interested in that P4 Akihiko GK....
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Hey man! Been trying to get in touch but your inbox is full! Sorry it's taken a bit but I have everything in order and I can pay you! Let me know, and sorry again!
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Hey,your inbox is full:)
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Hey when you have time can you also send pictures of the items too. plz and thank you!
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Hey ^__^ I hope it's okay that I'm taking the talk to the profiles! Honestly, if you see Usagi up for sale, feel free to message me immediately! I'm definitely on board. He's simply one of these few pieces that would be an absolute milestone for me to call my own ♡

As for Henry, if you have any means to get to know if there are anymore buying possiblities, I would be extremely thankful! I do follow the artist on Twitter myself, I'm lacking both the experience in the GK scene as well as the conversational skills to properly get in contact though >.< I loved their latest Lio and the Bakugo bust kit btw ♡ Their aesthetic really has a lot of commercial potential in my opinion.

I read myself through your Wonfes thread and you're doing a really good job at keeping everyone informed of the whole process, the fees and everything around it. Concerning how difficult it can be to get your hands on certain kits, I personally think your fees are still reasonable, especially since it involves a personal shopper! I'm glad that there are more and more chances to aquire kits from artists themselves through mail order but sure, most of them are still event only, so it's really amazing to know that you're taking on the effort of helping folks on here out ♡♡

I do dip my feet in other hobbies as well, especially dolls/BJDs, so my funds are indeed limited ^^;; I'll try my best though to be prepared for any potential GK expenses from now on! Since I follow my favourite artists on Twitter anyway, I'll be able to see if they're working on anything that tickles my interest and can start saving up xD

I totally get what you mean with focusing on kits rather than regular PVCs! I'm sometimes catching myself looking for the 'next level' in collecting kind of ^^; I still have a nice wishlist of pre-painted scales and even get the occasional Nendoroid here and there but my interests have really shifted from what's most popular in the mainstream PVC markt rn. I'll be supporting every BL and lewd male fig for life tho XDDD
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Hello! Your inbox is full. Is your Kousetsu Samonji still for sale? Please let me know =)
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Which version of the Amygdala did you get?
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Hi, your inbox is full >< I want to get prices on a couple of items on your selling list if possible ^^
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