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Hi there! https://gs1.wac.edgecastcdn.net/8019B6/data.tumblr.com/1d72ad486d6efbc1f8d1bf406b256596/tumblr_inline_mo7fhzOipk1qz4rgp.gif


Hey, are you still selling Nanachi? ITEM #604470
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Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
Hey deine Inbox ist voll, wollte mit dir über die Melty Figur reden! :)
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TigerChan (2 anno/i fa) #10771467Hab gerade gesehen, dass du jetzt beide Magiermädchen im Besitz hast ^^ Wie gefällt dir denn die Neue? Und welche von den beiden magst du lieber?

Hi sry für die späte Antwort hatte viel zu tun.
Ich mag das größere magiermädchen sehr ihre Pose ist was anderes und sie ist sehr schön bemalt :-)
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TigerChan (2 anno/i fa) #10221460Haaha also doch xD Aber sie wird bestimmt richtig gut neben deinem anderen Magiermädchen aussehen! ^w^ Dagegen haben mich die ersten user pics von ITEM #236322 doch etwas enttäuscht. Die offiziellen Bilder scheinen doch etwas zu stark bearbeitet gewesen zu sein. Die Haare sind ganz schön grell... Sammelst du eigentlich nach einem bestimmten Konzept? Nur Lieblingscharas, Lieblingsserien oder einfach alles was gut aussieht? ^^

ja ich hoffe :P sie kommt hoffentlich bald an *_* ja die andere die sieht ganz anders aus als auf den bildern die sie vor der veröffentlichung reingestellt haben. ich finde auch noch dieses magiermädchen ITEM #269731 hübsch aber der preis ist mir zu heftig xD ich sammle einfach die Figuren, die mir gefallen :)
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TigerChan (3 anno/i fa) #9494611Ich hab gerade gesehen, dass du dir die ITEM #42095 bestellt hast. Ich habe letztens angefangen, den Yu-Gi-Oh Manga zu lesen und ich finds echt überraschend, wie sich Manga und Anime unterscheiden ^^ Ich mag auch ITEM #338779, die Herzen sind super niedlich >w< Bei ITEM #236322 sehen Farbe und Schatten toll aus, aber der Preis ist doch zu hoch für die einfache Pose...

ich muss gestehen, ich habe mir das eine dunkle Magiermädchen jetzt doch bestellt :D xD
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TigerChan (2 anno/i fa) #9956326Yeah, I also knew the first generations by heart. But with the 5th and 6th generation, I kind of stopped bothering and only cared for the few new pokemon that I actually cared about xD But Sun & Moon look really interesting again. Rowlet is so cute! >w< I just hope that this time, the gym leaders are actually a challenge again. I never really played online, so I just hope that the game is a bit more difficult than other editions.
Hahaa I wish you guys good luck with the Skitty hunt (Skitty is awesome) :D I also tried to breed pokemon for some time, but I just don't have the patience. I'm more of a fan of Pokemon Ami... haha >.>
This week, I preordered ITEM #61381. I smashed that order button so fast when I saw her!! She has been really expensive on the aftermarket, so I'm quite happy ^w^ But I'm still waiting for ITEM #30798. The custom office now has her for 2 weeks. What are they even doing with all the packets..? Well, hopefully it will not end like the one time when I had to wait 3 months for my figure to arrive from customs...

About the sun and moon pokemon, I`m gonna say Litten.... Yes Litten`s gonna be my new starter! Just have to wait for November, and than! :3
Gonna get the sun version, cuz of the big fluffy lion! c:

Anyways I just caved and preordered ITEM #287697 and ITEM #287723 from TOM for like 177$. A big chunk of money gone, but I regret nothing! TOM has these great deals and I think I managed to save a bit! :3

Wow, they held your item at customs for 3 months?! And now you`re already wating like 2 weeks for it?! wtf?

I mean, I usually do have to pay quite a bit on import charges, but I don`t think that any of my stuff has ever been in customs foe more than a week.
Ordering from Japan is still a cheaper option than ordering from any EU shopp as far as I`ve seen, but I don`t really know. Guess it seems more awasome to order from Japan! :3

I don`t really know who ITEM #61381 is, but she looks really pretty! c:
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TigerChan (3 anno/i fa) #9549298This feeling is the reason why I sometimes need a day until I answer a new message. It's just.. more exhausting than talking in real life? xD I mean, what you can say in a minute takes so long to write out. And you actually have to think about what you're writing haaha
Digimon, Yugioh, Pokemon... So much nostalgia *-* Yeah, ITEM #236322 is really nice, especially the paint job and the lighter colours, but that price... uhh >.> But she is probably not going not get any cheaper on the aftermarket, is she? ^^" Oh my gosh, I just looked for Pokemon scales (I only knew about the anime ones from megahouse and the Red one) but now this ITEM #415011. I'm not sure if I will be able to resist this one. The artwork alone is sooo cute >w< But my favorite generation is the 4th one, simply because I invested so many hours into my Diamond edition. A figure of Hikari would be awesome.
No she probably won`t drop in price! sigh. :c
gah! I have to stop finding things I like! Bad Ida! You don`t have that much money! o(≧o≦)o No Pokemon scales!....yet....(•⊙ω⊙•)
Hehe! Guess, I`ll just have to rob a bank or something like thet! XD
Hmmmm, It`s really tough to say which Pokemon generation is my favourite. The first one, I knew all of them by heart, and the second one almost all of them as well! I still have the guide books for both Pokemon and Digimon. They arn`t in the best of shapes, but that`s because eather me or my sibling used to read them all the time! Wow, we must heve been around 6-7 years old when we got them!

But something a bit more reacent, me and mah sibling have been trying to catch a golden Skitty! XD
Not there yet, but we have found some with super extra genes, so perhaps we`ll breed the most perfect Skitty ever to be written in digital code!...or not... c:
But it`s good fun!

What have you been up to this week or so? Since I hadn`t had the deacency to reply you! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
...sorry for that... :c
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TigerChan (3 anno/i fa) #9548692Wobei die Adaptionen manchmal auch besser sein können als das Original. Bei Filmen vielleicht weniger, aber dafür um so häufiger bei Animes. Vor allem wenn der Manga nicht die schönsten Zeichnungen hat... xD Musik macht auch immer viel aus. Ja, bei den andersfarbigen Magiermädchen sind die Farben ganz schön fies... Vielleicht machen sie ja als nächstes die Harpyien. Die fand ich früher immer meeega cool c:

ohja die Harpyien wären echt cool. ich hab die als karten schon früher gern gesammelt xD aber wenn das mal kommen sollte dann werden die figuren bestimmt auch mega teuer o.O
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I PM you, hope the deal is still on! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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