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My hobbies are too damn expensive! >:(
Figma, Nendo, Azone (pure neemo), and BJD (ball-jointed doll) collector.
On my free time I try to art and play video games :/ exciting life ya?

Yuri on Ice!!! stole my heart XD


:) looks like he will arrive Wednesday!! Thanks so much! :D
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can you PM me the area you're located? I'm considering the possibility still of a local pickup sometime, I mean, whenever it is that Len may be coming out......... but LA is a big area. XD I have friends in Long Beach area... Artesia... and Van Nuys... yeaaaa... let me know =)
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Ugh, looks like the Len release date got pushed back, so probably won't be in time for AX... ah well... I may just end up paying the domestic shipping from you to me then. =T Rawr!
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Ooh, yeah! That soon?! For sure, I can meet up at AX! My other time I’m coming up should be in June, to Universal Studios in mid-June. Not sure if that’s better for you than AX. But of course, a deposit makes total sense, just PM me your PayPal or Venmo info and we can talk in PM ^^ yay! Thanks!
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laketica2 anno/i fa#33469321...

Its released this Month buuuut I don't know the exact date. If you really want to do a pickup we can arrange to meet at AX, its not too far from me. I can hold on to him for you until then with a small deposit (like %20 of the price?) I've had trouble with people flaking out on me before :/
If its not going to be sure thing I'll just try to cancel the order from amiami
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Hrrrrrmmmm, that's true, it would be simpler... but overseas shipping is super expensive! >< if you're in the LA area, I do go there sometimes, maybe I can just pick it up from you lol! Okay, but LA is huge lol... when does this figure come out btw? omg I am so ill prepared. I hafta see if I have plans to drive up there sometime... geh... other than Anime Expo lol, I don't think he'll be out by then, right? I remember I shipped two 1/8 figures from amiami like... two years ago... it was more than $20 shipping and that was SAL Small Packet, not even EMS, sobs~
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laketica2 anno/i fa#33338219...

Hmm I think It'd be easier overall if I just separate him from my current order and have him sent directly to you. I chose EMS shipping but I could change the shipping method no problem.
(I'm in the LA area btw)
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Thank you for letting me know!! Where are you in CA? Omg... I am interested... what type of shipping did you select from Amiami, any idea how much it would be? I just wonder if it’s more cost effective to split the order from AmiAmi or just ship within US. I am guessing it would be around $10 to ship domestically, but if we aren’t too far apart, maybe can just pick up lol. XD
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laketica2 anno/i fa#33273765hey, you aren't by any chance still trying to get rid of your Len preorder, are you? =D

hey dont know if you got my previous reply or not but yes, hes still available :)
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hey, you aren't by any chance still trying to get rid of your Len preorder, are you? =D
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long haired bishies, androgynous (・ω<)


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