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And a new Word runs between: whispering, "Let us be one!"
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
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Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. (while I'm here - I drew Beani a lil' chibi art, and it would be poor form to not also do one for you, so do you have a request? :3)
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Happy Birthday
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Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#3062642I haven't had any actual cards created from the images that I can send you, if that's what you mean. But! I released the images under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, so you're welcome to have your own printed provided that:
- You leave the attribution and license marking intact.
- You don't sell the cards or otherwise use the images for any kind of commercial purpose (regardless of whether any profit is made).
- If you modify or otherwise create a derivative work from the images, you distribute the new work under the same CC BY-NC-SA license.
Having physical cards exist of them would be super-cool, so please go ahead and make them exist if you want to! I'd be interested to see how they turn out.

okay then, thanks for the reply :)
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Hey, I never thought of asking before, but since you made cards for those Sengoku Rance cocktails way back...is there anyway to get a physical version of those?
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#2501423Don't worry, I was gentle that first time. It's become easier and easier to open her every time since, no matter how I have her.
Do you suppose you could take a picture of her back? You know I like the view from behind...
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#2501374When I first opened her up and cracked her seal I knew she was something special. I'll make sure to slowly use her all up so you can enjoy looking at her afterwards.
Hey now, I hope you loosened her gently... She's precious to me and I don't want her to be hurt.
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#2501273Congrats on your new waifu! I'm having great fun savouring her delicious liquids before she's sent to you.
Thank you, Waifufinder! Please, take your time enjoying her! I'm sure she will make you feel good. <3
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Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#2452191Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much! Sorry I haven't been very talkative - I have been working on some little presents for you guys though in between university work. Whether I'd finish them in time to send them off is another matter, but oh well ; w ; I hope things are going great for you over there!
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Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
Wayfinder5 anno/i fa#2409293ノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ [Happy Birthday!] ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎ฅ˒˒ Thank you Wayfinder! And I don't think I've ever thanked you for your part in all those plushie orders I bombard Beani with. Thank you for that, and for carrying all those boxes to the post office! And also the words Thank You have lost their meaning
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