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welcome to my page! I'm a gamer, figure-collector, and an illustrator.

Though I'm generally shy, but feel free to send me a message if you want to talk!

MAGI, Log Horizon, Hoozuki no Reitetsu Mirai Nikki, Ano Hana, Bakemonogatari, Durarara, Steins Gate, Beelzebub
Eragon triology, Dragon Rider
Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Xillia, Stick of Truth, Infinite Undiscovery, Eternal Sonata, Toukiden, BASARA 3 & 4
自傷無色, 独りんぼエンヴィー, おじゃま虫, forever



Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #4580946Hello hello, and thank youuu! >3<
Noppin is a good proxy to use if you want to find a lot of magi merchandises. ^^

Mhm no problem. I saw it and was amazed x3
I've never used a proxy before but I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for suggesting it c:
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Sorry for the random comment, but I just wanted to tell you that you have an amazing Magi collection! c:
I hope to one day have a collection as great as yours.
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3408825Oh I see. >< it's good to play it safe and make sure you recover fully. Is it love live next? QQ I think I saw a picture from youme cafe's fb promoting it.
Asides from online stores Sino center is the way to go -thumbs up- on the second floor there's an old-ish man maybe in his 50s that sells authentic figures. His shop opens at around 3-3:30pm.
I'm not sure how many episodes there will be for it, haven't checked yet but I'm kinda behind on it lol. But yeah marathon-ing it is a good idea, so you don't have to wait each week for more. x)

Yeah, I think it is. Unfortunately, I'm not into that fandom XD Flying away for school soon, so hopefully they'll have something I like next time I'm here!

The only figure shop I've been to in HK is the "animate." The amount of people in the heart of Mong kok scares me so much hikkikomori D: I've considered going to sino so many times, but when I think about how to drag my corpse out of there... X_X Thanks for the tip though, I'll know who to look out for instead of blindly walking around!
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3359777Yeah I've been told by my friends that the eyes are weird XD I think the violin guy is pretty funny, he's on ep 4? Not sure. Hmmm...I've been watching Rokka no Yusha, and Gansta :D
Oh...hope you feel better! D: yeah the pollution, heat and humidity is strong this year, global warming and China's factory smoke and all isn't the best ^^; haha being a hikkikomori is awesome x3
I just passed by youme cafe the other day when I was trying to find my dollfie shop O: I don't have anyone to go with since they're all gone abroad for college. QQ -sulks at home-

Ugh, I would've totally asked if you were interesting in going with me, but I didn't wanna risk eating sweet stuff when I'm not 100% better yet >_< And now Tourabu is almost over at Youme D: Where do you normally go for figures? (well, besides online stores :P)

I've been hearing great things about Gangsta, but I think I'm gonna wait until it's over to watch it. Seems like a show that's good when marathoned.
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3346606Yeah, it's expensive but worth it. >< I play and take pictures with them. :3 I'm mostly collecting yukatas/kimonos.
Makura no Danshi is alright, not the best way to spend 4 minutes but it's still interesting to watch. XD
there's a lot of interesting games on the ps4, so.... ;) -nudges you with elbow-
How have you been btw?

Tried the first ep of MakuDan and hmmm.. the animation is kinda weird? Not really digging the eyes >_< Or maybe it's because I don't like Hanae Natsuki that much XD Will maybe give it a another try for a voice actor I like more. Anything else you're watching this season?

Been sick this past week -_- I mean, not like I had much else to do, but I always get sick when I come to HK *chokes in pollution and heat* Well, all the more reason to be a hikkikomori I guess!

Btw, have you been to youme cafe? It's Tourabu this month!
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3274688I've heard of it, I've been wanting to watch some anime so maybe I'll pick it up. :)
Yeah, there's been quite a lot of the boys announced this year, my poor wallet won't make it, especially now that I'm also into 1/3 dolls from Azone and Volks. X: Time to work even more harder to pay for all of it! Have you watched Makura no Danshi (pillow boys)?
Oh is Tales of Zestria on the ps4?? Q_Q

Ooooh, an expensive hobby you have there with the dolls! They all look gorgeous, but I'm glad I'm not into them. $$$ Do you play with them and their outfits or are they mostly static display?

I haven't watched the Makura no Danshi anime yet, but I've listened to most of the drama cds. Is it any good?

Haha, it's on both ps3 and ps4 but I moved out and I don't have a counsel now so I've been thinking of getting a ps4 for a while now >_<
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3261327Thank you! I have figures all over my place inside shelves. :P Do you watch/read Ore Monogatari?
Collecting girl figures is hard, collecting boy figures is even harder now that orange rouge is a thing. ><
Ohh, do you play them on your phone or computer? (both?)

I watched it about halfway. Cute, but it got a little repetitive. I'm more into the bromance than the simple romance of that show. For shoujo last season, my favorite was Akatsuki no yona! If you haven't watched it, I think you'd really like it since it has some decent action adventure.

Thank goodness I didnt have time to start tourabu this year or I'd be knee deep in preorders! I've just contained myself with Jiji nendo... Though some of the scales are probably going to be very tempting >_<

My favorites change depending on time of year, but I think the best work ever was/is hunterxhunter! Since it's summer, my favorite now is maybe Ookiku furikabutte or silver spoon~

I play most of my games on pc or psp. My home counsels are pretty outdated now XD no ps4 for tales :(
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3239960Ohh, i see. Haha it's getting super humid recently it can be unbearable.
Yeah I think I've only seen 1 or 2 people that are from hk on MFC, but I don't remember their names. ><
I do like the seven deadly sins, beelzebub, rosario + vampire, Tokyo ghoul, tales series, ano hana, and many more (: What animes/manga/games do you like?

Wow, you have a beautiful collection! How do you have space for them all?! Especially in HK! I tend to like more shoujo series, but I've seen most of the ones above and many of the series you have figures for. Luckily, Ive been able to resist collecting girls XD

Symphonia is my favorite rpg~ I play more otome games than anything though.
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3239874Thanks for the friend invite! ^^ are you from hk too?

I don't live there anymore, but I go back every summer :D (and sweat my ass off) I haven't seen too many people from there on MFC, so it's great to have found you!

I know you love Magi, what else have you enjoyed? (Unfortunately, I'm not as huge a Magi fan, but I do like Sinbad^^)
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Yan-san (3 anno/i fa) #3200729Yeah, Magi is one of my most favorite manga, though I haven't been keeping up with it for a month or so. ^^"
What manga/anime do you like?

mine too.. but my alltime Favorite is One Piece.. i read it since 14 Years and its still great :D.. other

Great Anime: Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Blood+, Terra E, Great Teacher Onizuka, Interstella5555: The 5tory of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem and so on :D^^.

Manga: One Piece, Monster Musume, Love Trouble Darkness, Fairy Tail, and so on :D^^
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