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It all started by watching the anime my older siblings did when I was young (Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and DBZ to name a few), which then got me hooked on finding my own shows to watch (Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Zoids, .Hack series). Being a kid in the US I mainly grew my appreciation of anime through watching late-night/early-morning shows on Toonami/Cartoon Network.

I've always had that "collector" gene so to speak, where I've always had something I was looking for. Whether it was Pokemon cards, magic the gathering, or even medieval themed pewter figurines. Im just a huge collector of things, and have recently started to find a home with figure collecting (They're just so cool! haha), along with collecting and reading yuri/shoujo-ai themed manga. I'm a sucker for a cute and heartfelt love story, and an even bigger sucker for slice of life storylines. Some may call them lackluster, but the more down to earth a story is, the deeper I can get into it.

My collection has had many shapes and forms, collecting toys and merch from shows growing up. It wasnt until recently that I sort of stepped back and started appreciating it as a whole. My first "figures" were the guys from FFVIII that got passed down from my eldest brother when he no longer wanted them, which got me looking into figures and sort of stumbled onto this site. This hobby has really helped me rekindle a passion for anime that I sort of grew apart from during hs and college and Im really enjoying myself.

I'll update this eventually when I decide to stop lurking and actually be part of the community :P. If you ever stumble upon this feel free to message me for whatever reason!

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