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Just started collecting figures! Going for exclusively scale figures only, though my first one was the Mikazuki nendoroid. Also hoards a lot of merch like keychains and badges :)

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★Starmyu★ Err I also watch a fairly wide range of anime, across multiple genres, as long as it's funny and/or interesting.
Aoharu x Kikanjuu is my favourite. Also read shonen, shoujo, fantasy, slice of life, BL. Nothing horror or gore though ^^;
Hooked on TsukiPara atm
Ani-songs, Spyair, Man With A Mission

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atunafish (3 mese/i fa) #27066437Your photos are so great and really unique! If you ever make a photobook, I would love to buy one. ^^
Thank you! You can check more on my flickr.

As for photobook, I am too bad in photoshop which makes it nearly impossible for me to edit a photobook of my own...
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atunafish (5 mese/i fa) #24206173Hi there! Found your name on a article about proxy services. Are you still providing that service? There are some things I wish to get from Animate. Or is it better if I pm you instead? :)
Hi! I still do provide the service!
I'll PM you the details. :)

Thanks for the interest!
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