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Fate/Grand Order - Saber Alter - 1/7 - Dress ver. (Alter)Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!! - Illyasviel von Einzbern - 1/8 - Priya Racing ver. (Easy Eight, Plusone, Stronger)


Hi! I'm interested in buying your Cure Flora figma. I've never bought anything through MFC so I'm not sure how it goes...
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Just received my figure today -- absolutely great! No problems whatsoever, and my figure arrived earlier than expected!

So satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much! 8D
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Received my order! Figure in great condition and arrived very quickly! Very satisfied by my purchase. <3 Thank you so much!
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Just got my order from him. Great condition and no problems. Would definitely purchase from again~

Ps. You're from Sauga eh? I'm just an hour away in Waterloo!
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Just bought from him and received my figures with no problems what so ever!
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boms4 anno/i fa#3450787Thanks for the FR :) And I also live in Mississauga as well!

Oh wow! What area roughly pm me?
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Hi^^ I was curious to know where you're located in canada? I'm a fellow Canadian collector
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boms6 anno/i fa#1882401That did happen to me but it was Fedex. DHL haven't do that to me yet but now I'm little worried for my untaxed, last two shipments lol.

How long ago were those two lol? I heard if it has been over half a year, then you probably don't need to worry~
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boms6 anno/i fa#1882227Basically it was almost same as what Canada Post charges, like HST + handling fee of somewhere around $10, as I remember. But I'm not 100% sure of this becuase it was more than a year ago.
Ah...Stupid HST, what a rip-off!

I heard Gift Wrapping can prevent it, have you ever tried it before? Nvm about this, it's a false rumor.

Hmm, maybe I need to reconsider on using Amazon.jp. It's a shame that they have such a good shipping rate and we are over-charged by Canada Custom.

However, I heard DHL may send tax(+etc) invoice several months after the package arrived. Have you ever experienced this?
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May I ask about how much they charge you for tax? Just for some reference, so I can know in advance...Thanks.

I really hate Canada for custom tax. It's like stealing our money! = =
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.




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