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Hi! i'm just someone who loves anime/manga.
i've watched/am watching anime like hakuouki, naruto, pandora hearts, kuroshitsuji, inazuma eleven, uraboku, amatsuki, katanagatari, d gray man, vampire knight, macross frontier, zombie-loan, ouran high school host club, daa daa daa(kind of childish :/) and maybe some more be i can't remember.
for manga, i've read/am reading naruto, bleach, bakuman, dogs, katekyo hitman reborn, kuroshitsuji, amatsuki, nononono, nurarihyon no mago, karneval, dekkou sekka boys, veritas, kuroko no basket, code: breaker, death note, kimi no todoke(sp?), d gray man and some korean manga.

feel free to send a friend request or PM me if you want to chat^^
anime! and maybe some drama shows
pokemon soul silver(i didn't really play it :p), maybe hakuouki psp game?
usually english songs and sometimes japanese songs

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Hey your inbox is full ^_^

I have some info re the artbooks so let me know when you empty it and I'll PM you. Thanks ^_^
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(your inbox is full, sorry...)

hello there!! i was messaging you because i just came across your sales post, and i saw you were selling some of the fate/zero straps. i was wondering if you still own them?? because if you do, i'd be really interested in buying both saber and kariya ♥ thanks for your time, kind regards!
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Hello, your inbox is full....your Len full figure is still listed for sale, still avaible?
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Hello !?!?
is everything ok with you?
Have you sent already the Karneval stuff? :/
3 anno/i fa

again I (Inbox is Full) XD
I realized that I got my city in the message misspelled o.O
so better go look at the address of paypal XD
haha sorry ^^'

Thanks :)
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Hey, I'm trying to contact you since yesterday, but your inbox is full.
Please write me back. :)
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Hi! Your inbox is full again.

Just a reminder that I've sent the invoice of Tales Photo Trading to you about a week ago. Hope it reached you properly. Please reply me within the week.

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Hey, i would like to send you the invoice for your Free! straps, but you inbox is full. Please let me know when you have cleared it :)
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Hi! Looks like your inbox is full. So I write the answer here:

2 photo/pack, you mean right? I don't think they join both to one?
If the problem is the wrapping envelope, I can let go some of my envelope :D
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candy is definately sweet gave me cavities in the past, but now I don't get them no more because I've had a lot of fill ins
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