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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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I'm interested in buying the The Seven Heavenly Virtues - Raphael
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Inbox is clear, sorry about that!!
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Bought the Square Enix Nier Automata 2B Figure (DX Edition)! Reasonable pricing, fast shipping, great protective packaging, overall pleasant communication, and of course the item is beautiful! Thanks again!
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Hey, I was curious about a few figures you had up for sale. Could you possibly dm me? Thank you!
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Hi I was wondering if you could dm me as I’m trying to reach you but can’t? I wanted to check the availability of one of your items!
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Ordered the Artoria Type-Moon Racing Figure and the Artoria Haregi figure from seller. Reasonably priced, packaged well and shipped quickly. Thank you :) !
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Ordered an ARTFX J Pokemon Scale figure, very reasonably priced, shipped fast and arrived shortly after, and was packaged incredibly well! Thank you so much :)
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Bought a nendoroid, came perfectly packed and it was brand new as promised. Thanks!
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This. But when anybody makes a peep about how shit most figure companies QC is (I'm looking at you Pulcha, Koto, Union, Aniplex/Stronger, Etc) people flip shit and say you're being disprectul to the fans who boought them
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!





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