Tavelling in Time
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Tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full.

Hey, I just wondered if it's only the figures on your ad page that are for sale

Hopefully you can get back to me soon via message, thank you :)
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Happy Birthday*-*
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RockGodItachi3 anno/i fa#23292573Happy Birthday! Have a great day! ^^
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Happy Birthday! Have a great day! ^^
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Happy Birthday *_*
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maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
cazzecaz55 anno/i fa#2397892You're welcome :3 All of that Kuroneko was a feast for my eyes!! (Even though Kirino is my fave but Kuroneko is close behind) Thank you ^o^

I see , and thanks for the friend request
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maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
thanks for the comment and the favorite on my picture and good luck with your Homura Shrine ^^
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Hellooo~ I saw your Homura Cu Poche video review and although it's sad that her little arm broke I wanted to say I think it's really commendable how much you love your figures and how passionate you are for Homura. Any figure collector with a lot of love for his or her figures would feel the same way. <3
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cazzecaz56 anno/i fa#2296388Oh wow I didn't know about the Nendoroid Version D: I hope she's not Aniplex exclusive too =_= but she probably will be.

ugh I hope she isn't :( *crosses figures* Hopefully GSC will at least sell her on their website.
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cazzecaz56 anno/i fa#2294411Thank you ;w; it's no where near how big I want it to be! I seem to be limiting my collection to only Homura Akemi and Mio Akiyama. Oh! Have you seen the Demon Homura Figma?! She's amazing TT_TT
It's fun to collect your favorite characters :) Yes she looks awesome! They are also coming out with a nendoroid version. I can't wait.
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