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Cho-Emi here!

I am an avid collector of mainly Sailor Moon figures and items.I also collect figures and items of other magical girl shows, however, i am selective when it comes to other shows. My goal for my collection is to have most if not all of the Sailor Moon transformation items to display with their respective Sailor Scout. I try not to get repeats of the same character unless the figure interests me particularly or is a different version of that character.

I also occasionally purchase figures from other genres if they are special to me or if i particularly like the show/game. Currently Yuuri!! On Ice! has been my thing! I am really hoping for a scale figure of Yuri and Vicktor for my collection. (and Yurio if the figure is good enough).
Yuuri!! on ice; Sailor Moon; Revolutionary Girl Utena;Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; Cowboy Bebop;Mononoke
Daft Punk
self built PC


Love your collection!
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Welcome to the board cho-emi! :)

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