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just trying to collect anime figures, plants, & books in peace ✨


Kuromii デュエーデュ
Thank you so much! And I'm so sorry for the late reply TuT
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Thank you!!
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Thank you so much!! <333 I hope so too! HAHHA
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thank you for the birthday wishes!! ^_^ i hope 2021 has been good to you too as well <333 xoxo
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Thank you so much! Here's to hopefully many more years of figure collecting ;)
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Thanks for the birthday wishes!<3 Hope you have many great years ahead too ^^
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Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate the birthday wishes!! <3
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oya...only just now saw your comment. oops. ^^''

Mass Effect 1-3 became my ALL TIME FOREVER favourite.
And I have played a bunch of games...and yes, including Dragon Age 1-3.
I played Inquisition first and it is my fav in the Dragon Age line.

I even played Mass Effect Andromeda.
Actually, I played Andromeda first (after it had been out since years) and since I didn't know 1-3 at that point, I really enjoyed it. By that time all the major bugs were gone and it was a cool game for me. I had zero expectation as I heard it was bad and I was pleasantly surprised.
Of course then I played ME 1-3 and I understood why people ripped Andromeda apart. ME 1-3 is just...top tier.
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Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope you are doing well and 2021 also treats you well.
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I say One Piece is my second favorite but I'm behind on it too! xD I stopped at the Dressrosa Arc. I hear One Piece may be nearing the end? I don't know if it's rumor or if it's true. I kind of want to catch up only for the fact that if One Piece is truly nearing it's end, I definitely don't want to have the ending spoiled for me like how Naruto was spoiled for me.

I'm so sorry Oregon's housing market is getting expensive. Blame us Californians moving up there! lol I feel like I'll have to move out to the MidWest to be able to buy a house. But even out there it doesn't look pretty either. A tiny shack for $300k. No thank you!

Isn't it funny how when we were kids, we had time but no money for our hobbies but as adults now, we have money but not time/energy. Many times I get sleepy after an hour of gaming after work. I can't stay up late like I used to.

FF14 is a MMO and subscription based but the base game and all of its first expansion Heavesward are totally free to play! I would say the base game is a bit of a slog to get through. The real fun beings in Heavensward.

I'm still playing Overwatch. I'm also playing the new Ace Attorney game and Hades. I just completed Hades. I usually don't enjoy roguelikes but I really had fun with Hades. I thought I would quit because it's pretty difficult but it's upgrade system really helps out and makes it feel like you're progressing which is great. Tales of Arise releases in September! I can't wait for that game. The "Tales of" series is one of my favorites.
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i'm a slut for sci-fi
dragon age, mass effect, horizon zero dawn, life is strange, skyrim, fable, legend of zelda, code realize

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