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Good day, I'm just your average anime, manga, and video game fan. Or perhaps not so average since I enjoy seeking out the most underrated things that I can find, while avoiding the more popular ones. A form of a contrarian, I suppose. That said, you'll find that I have a few guilty pleasures that I otherwise don't rate particularly highly.

I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, having been my favourite game series since FE8 first came out in the west. FE5/9 are probably the games I like the most. Not at all a fan of the 3DS titles and the other games in the series that allow for too much freedom with a focus on appeasing the player, but that's a different story.
My other big interest is im@s, in particular ML. I've been into it since around 2015, but don't play the mobile game anymore since I find spending money on merchandise is better than sinking it in a gacha. I'm mostly a fan because of the music, but the idols themselves are of course an important aspect too.
As for my favourite characters in each franchise, there's in reality too many to count. I could probably narrow it down to Marisa & Kleine (FE) and Tsumugi, Shizuka, & Shiho (im@s).

Figure collecting is a relatively new hobby for me. I have certain criteria for what I buy, and so my intention is not to reach figures in the hundreds (pun intended). My taste in media helps with this a great deal; the things I enjoy generally don't have nearly the amount of collectibles that the more popular shows have. Because of this I'm able to allow my collection to grow naturally, without feeling the need to make compromises due to lack of space or a large selection of available goods. Outside of im@s and other naturally "cute" things that I want to represent, I do have a preference for figures and characters who elicit a cool or confident aura.


Sorry for the late response. I've been busy.

1. The usual events of Gift rerunning Shizuka's plush would likely occur from June 30 to July 15, which is Im@s Million Live! Theatre Days anniversary. It is likely people will resell her on Yahoo! Auctions Japan around that time. I mainly use buyee.jp for a proxy of YAJ. However, people will increase the price of a Shizuka plush for profit, which sucks. However, there is currently 1 Shizuka plush in auction for $75 w/o shipping, which isn't worth the price unless you really want her. (Checked the auction on 11/7/19).

2. Another option would be keeping an eye on Gift's news about them selling plushes on their online shop. They did put Shizuka plush up to order on their online shop for 5000ish yen, but there was a time limit of mid-September to October 1st IIRC. Usually, they use their online shop a few weeks after Comic Market happens. However, there is no guarantee that they will resell her in the next online shop time segment, but I feel like they will resell her since she was just released this year. Around late December, watch Gift's twitter to find information if they are to sell Shizuka's plush or not.

However, in order to use the website, you need a proxy, such as tenso or blackship, and you need to register on Gift's online shop. You can fake your name and your hiragana name when registering, but I at least recommend putting your actual name and faking the hiragana name. You must copy-paste your proxy's address when entering the shipping address on the registration page. You can also use your debit card on Gift's online store even if it is foreign.

3. The third option is if you happen to be really lucky enough to find her cheap on eBay or some other website. I was lucky enough to find Shibuya Rin's 1st Gift Plush (Triad Primus) on eBay for $50. This does not normally happen.

In my opinion, I would choose choice number 2 since you can save a ton of money, but you would have to be very patient until the plush arrives.
When a plush is just released like Shimamura Uzuki plush (as of 11/7/19), I would prefer to use Buyee.

1. Buyee (proxy for YAJ):
2. Gift's Online Shop[url=]
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wow thank you *___* i love it too.
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elci10 mese/i fa#68104161Thx! Slowly getting older... :x
its sad......yeaaa :-( ommmg..
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HarukaHaruno199110 mese/i fa#68090446HB:-)))Thx! Slowly getting older... :x
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