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A riguardo

Update 2016/17: Due to various reasons (including display space and major customs hassles), I've paused on acquiring new stuff, just the odd T-shirt now and then. I spend a good deal of time adding items to the database, focusing mainly on dakimakura covers. If you have any questions on adding dakis to the database, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Started collecting sometime in April 2012, building up steadily. Like a lot of others on here, started with characters that I liked/knew and am now more and more interested in the figure itself rather than the character. Need to watch out for my wallet -- credit card + internet shopping = eye-watering bills in no time flat.



Oh, don't worry about it. You added some info that I didn't have, so it was really helpful ^_^
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Wow, you work fast, I was planning to add some more info later, but you already completed it and also added more items, thanks a lot ^_^

I'm talking about ENTRY #175698
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exit God Complex
Very interesting fellow. I see you like Yomu as well!
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Petitssk Eastern Library
Work, friend and foe alike, hope you're doing fine!

I didn't even notice the alert had been closed, but I guess that means I'm good to go. Glad to hear we think alike in that regard.
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Petitssk Eastern Library
Ah, good to hear that! However, it's not that big a deal, I think, it would probably be easiest if we had separate fields for homepages, at least for the main ones, such as Twitter, pixiv, Circle.ms etc., since we presently have probably quite a few different layouts for links to websites.

Speaking of which, feel free to chime in if you care, was happy to see you used the official writing, so I've been wanting to pick this up for about two years and happened to find a duplicate today.
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Petitssk Eastern Library
Hey there, just wanted to say thanks. Recently started adding my first commercial books instead of just Doujinshi and using your entries as a reference helped a great deal, so thanks a lot!
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Thank you for adding the many pics to the database. Subscribed!
All are quality artwork of bishoujos, one of the good reasons for me to visit MFC. Going through your 20K images.
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Hey I just wanted to let you know that you described ITEM #758056 and ITEM #758054 as "Ruler" but it's actually her Archer version (Jeanne got a summer version during last summer event on JP which is Archer class fategrandorder....(Archer) ) Just a head's up :)
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XxEmoFalconxX 小学生は最高だ
I also thought you should know that I want to be a "pro" like yourself when it comes to adding dakis to MFC. You're very knowledgeable about it, and I want to contribute even more so that other MFC loli lovers can find their dream dakis...since loli dakis is all I focus on. Moreover, thank you for always "cleaning up" my entries to make them as accurate as possible. (^-^) P
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ffenris3 anno/i fa#27472656Cool, thanks :)
I also like your choice of anime (Fumoffu, Azumanga, Mushishi), and of course, the Mythical Man Month is a must-read for every engineer/developer/technical manager.
BTW, you might like this daki cover: ITEM #635665
Also, how did you get to quote my comment when you replied on my profile? When I tried to do the same, it ended up posting the reply on my own profile! That wasn't how it worked earlier, as far as I remember.

Thanks, those anime stayed as my top favorites over the years, had to change it once when I finished HxH though, haha. Oh and certainly, as an engineer myself, I of course had to stumble over this timeless classic. I really like how it tries to teach you awareness for the phenomena that occur at work.

I have checked the daki cover you linked and it certainly piques my interest, haha. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

As for comment quoting, when I quoted yours and launched the reply pop-up window on my profile, I simply copied the content from there and then started to write the comment on your page. I was wondering why this would not happen by default, but thought it would only be proper to reply that way.
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