• View spoilerHide spoilerI do have her on my wish list, so I am looking forward to her! ^_^ It's a little risky, but I am waiting when early photos come out from Chinese collectors. I've noticed the earliest photos of newer Myethos figures come from Hpoi. (Chinese MFC) I am also being careful when collecting scales.
    Edit: With the increase of demand, I guess I won't wait too long. Such a shame she is China exclusive. :( I am sure I won't regret her though. Coming from someone who was happy with the Little Mermaid and Stardust. :)
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    My pleasure!
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    Thank you very much I also enjoy your reviews and project articles. Just got several figures at once after a drought and got over excited. Usually am the lurker type but I thought why not participate a little :)
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    Hello! Sorry I keep replying late, I work until 10pm where I live and can only use mfc mobile at work (which is a bit clunky on my phone;;) so I have to wait until I get home to respond properly. You have my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause ;;
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    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    Tonight was a might rough but I'm okay :) How are you?
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    No worries! I figured you've been busy. Hopefully you're doing well too. Good luck on wrapping up your class.
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    Wow, you're only a year older than me? That's so cool!!

    Hope you've been doing well, my dear!
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    Going to respond to your earlier message.

    Thank you for answering! I am having a day off tomorrow, which gives me time to finally check out the figure.

    I hope you have fun! I've been to Japan as an airport and rest stop when I was 7 on my trip to The Philipines. I sadly never got to go into the city. Maybe saw the city in a car ride, but my memory is foggy. Only stayed at a hotel to rest. My most cherished memory is getting a Happy Meal coin purse from McDonalds inside the airport. It was a Cinnaminroll one (Sanrio character) and I got a good use out of it! My mom sadly gave it away along with my other sentimental toys during my pre-teen years. Luckily, I found some on Mercari as I am writing this message!

    That's very cute. <3 Wish you luck for being with your future boyfriend.
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    Yeah I do agree, I guess though I can be pretty picky about figures. But thank you and have a wonderful night too!
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    Hey Gala, the sculpt work from my memory was decent, I do agree the hair isnt the best. Actually after I got her I didn’t display her, decided to sell but unfortunately she hasn’t sold yet. She had paint bleed, some blue specks on her face from the hair and a scuff. Not that its really all that bad for the price. But I am still trying to keep my collection small so I dont figure I will keep her. I do like the other Miku PUP, normal outfit, but not sure about the quality enough to pick that up.
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