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A riguardo

** Sharing for a friend **

These users/people have difficulties honoring debts, joy-PO-takers, at least fickle and would leave you hanging without the courtesy of replying, and/or will most likely waste your precious precious time (or they did to me at least):

I advise requesting upfront payment when they commission (or buy) anything from you. Otherwise you're running a big risk of having them back out at the last sec after everything is said and done.

- andyjaejunkwak
- Misael
- fenglin
- Butcher
- Venum559 from Canada (honorable mention!!!)
- errancy
- nqtspinner
- Myru
- zxsoul99
- Feint

*** Do what you will with this ever growing list; nobody's forbidding you with interacting with them. I'm just throwing this heads up for everyone else. ***


Are you still selling the Anne Takamaki figure?
28 giorno/i fa
Are you still selling the Saber 10th anniv royal dress version?
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Salamat sa pag accept :3
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