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Free!, Haikyuu!, Sherlock
Touken Ranbu
Punti MOE
kuudere, white hair, black hair
Niconico Singers (Soraru, Mafumafu, Lon), Vocaloid, 7!!, Monkey Majik, etc.


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Happy birthday!!
5 mese/i fa
irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5848904Thanks~ I'll write more blogs!
Just checked ur instagram, i didn't know that u'r nendokuma :P
already followed you since a couple months ago hehe :3
(my ig is rukaachi)

Really sorry for replying late, I have been busy with school work so haven't been on Instagram ><
Ohhh I see, no wonder your MFC username is so familiar! Nice to meet you :)
2 anno/i fa
haha same here.
I'm soo doomed. I'm into nendoroids and plushes^^;;
They aren't so expensive individually but .. the cost adds up fast..
I started like a year ago... I wanted to get the Free! haruka figure, but the price is a bit too expensive for me :(

irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5872935Yeah I hope too so! Thanks~ :)
I really love the characters so I decide to buy the merchandises, I just start collecting since last year around March..
and it made me quite broke so I have to limit myself now.
how about u? :D
2 anno/i fa
I enjoyed the "adrenaline rush" waiting, and searching for him tho.
I just lost interest after I received him for about 1 month or so.
I felt there will be a better figure of him made in the future...
I'm still waiting for that to happen ^^
2 anno/i fa
Just around 2 months ago. I got really into One piece's law figure and wanted to buy him.
But, he was around 200USD. :(
In the end, I brought him and sold him off the same price I brought him. lolol
Hbu? your first figure?
irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5880662How long have u been collecting figures and merchs? :D
lol yeah the swords are too hot!
My fave is Tsurumaru and Jiji :D (and my otp actually)
2 anno/i fa
irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5849293I"m so excited for free! starting days too T___T but sadly we're not in japan so we can't watch it until the dvd released.. we still have to wait a couple few months ;w;
So nice!! U should update it in ur collections hehe
Right now I'm trying to limit myself for buying too much merchs, tryin to focus on figures instead of keychains or straps :")
yes i play touken ranbu! who is ur fav swords? :D

Ah, I should right? Hmm, I'll do so when I'm not a potato. lol.
But dyam. It's hard to pick! All the Swords are hot! (Sounds weird)
Definitely Mikazuki! Jiji!
Hbu? Your favorite Sword?
2 anno/i fa
Omg Yasss! I'm crazy for free and trr boys. Do you play the game? and omg I'm soo excited for the new free! movie! So many new merchandise! I'm buying all the free! merch from mandarake! hbu?
irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5848890Hi~ of course you can!! :)
Thankyou! Do you like Free! and Touken Ranbu? :D
2 anno/i fa
Dropped by! Mind if I add you?
(I love your collection!)
2 anno/i fa
irukachi (2 anno/i fa) #5588724Hi, nice to meet u too! thankyou~ love your makoto and miku collections ;D

Thank you!! ^^ Haha, I've been pretty lucky because I only started collecting Free! in July this year XD (my best guy and girl :D)
Hope to see more of your reviews and hauls! :>
2 anno/i fa
Hello :) Thanks for the FR! Nice to meet you!

You have a really nice collection, love those Free! and Touken Ranbu figures ^^
2 anno/i fa
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