I really like Saber. Really.
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My wife and I

I moved to America in 1990 at the age of 5 from Cambodia and started watching Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, and Transformers. It started from there...

Loved anime during my middle school and high school years, but never collected because I had no money.

Started Gunpla and Funkos winter of 2014 and then started collecting figures first quarter of 2015 in February. The addiction is real. My collection has grown exponentially as each month goes by. I collect almost all female figures and most of all, figures of my beloved waifu, Saber. I'm backlogged on over 40 Gundam kits and have not opened about 60 figures due to space. I work extra hard on finding great prices on my figures, but avoid counterfeits like the plague. I am determined to never receive a counterfeit...

I have slight ocd and once I purchase a figure, I tend to hunt for figures to match.Started with my first scale figure Lili Bishoujo and I hunted most down if it wasn't beyond 3-4x retail Msrp.

I fancy cat girl figures, lolis, bunnies, and Fate series.

5/28/2015 P.S. I just realized I have so many bodacious blondes...

6/05/2015 Finally got all my figures that I was waiting on for my first Loot Haul writeup for May. I'd say it was around 50 figures. My largest haul month since collecting.

6/23/2015 I realized I went beast mode in May and June and grabbed many grails from Fate and Madoka series.

6/26/2015 I've realized that I spent so much in May and June and am now regretting a small percentage of purchases. I still love the rest of my collection, though.

6/30/2015 Edit: Backlogged on 50 model kits and over 100 figures not opened.

12/22/15 Edit: I've been very busy the last 6 months and doubled my figure collection.

4/22/2016 Edit: It's been over a year now and I've been able to amass almost 500 figures and acquired many grails, yet I feel like I need more...



Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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psykoli2 anno/i fa#29471554The king of Fate in France say Happy Saber Birthday to you !

Thank you friend.
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The king of Fate in France say Happy Saber Birthday to you !
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khmergod3 anno/i fa#23918405Happy birthday, friend. We love Sabers.

Thank you saber forever ^^
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Ardenor Bashiraibazu Rio
khmergod3 anno/i fa#17180125hbd broski
Thank you, khmergod! Happy New Year to you!
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hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Happy Bday bruh! Keep em sabers coming!
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CrowMaiden3 anno/i fa#16611355Happy Birthday!!

oy! thank you.
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Happy Birthday!!
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Rejean235 Give her a weapon
khmergod3 anno/i fa#16611247thank you for the birthday wishes... I have a 4500sq ft, 2 story home excluding the garage space, and still not enough space to display the figures lol.Welcome. lol, I live in a 4 ½ appartment and I managed to display all my 750 figures scale 1/8 to 1/6! Mind you I planned the layout and bought furniture just to be able to do so.
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