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I am an Italian guy who does weird things, like going around telling people what's awesome about music or cinema.

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021 giorno/i faDjibrilDjibril
Buon compleanno! :3
02 anno/i faDjibrilDjibril
Buon compleanno!! ^^
02 anno/i famarklmarkl
johntheo95 (2 anno/i fa) #2584279absolutely loved your picture work,do you plan to continue or have u stopped?

Thanks! Well, I have actually stopped for a series of reasons (one of them being, at some point I was no more able to come up with ideas I liked). But it's not like I cannot change my mind... And I still have Madoka's "hugs" sign...
02 anno/i fajohntheo95johntheo95
absolutely loved your picture work,do you plan to continue or have u stopped?
03 anno/i faGwennanGwennan
Happy birthday!!!

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