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May take a couple of days to reply because of backlog of PMs
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Selling ALL figures in my collection.

All figures have been stored and kept mint condition behind glass cabinets. All have original boxes.

Please message me if you are interested in any figures from my collection!


Replied to your message!
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Left a message just now. Please reply ASAP!
18 giorno/i fa
Hey there was interested in some of the sonick figures
3 mese/i fa
hi, left a message about a figure
1 anno/i fa
Hello, I'm interested of your 1/4 scale Bunny Sonico. Have you sold her? :) I could not send you PM since your inbox is full.
2 anno/i fa
hello is nendo gil still available? :)
2 anno/i fa
I am interested in you Pochaco figure, pm me or email me at m.someguy97@gmail.com to discuss this further.
2 anno/i fa
Hi, I was wondering if this is still avaliale ITEM #26 , please PM me when you can :D
2 anno/i fa
Hello, I am very interested in several of your figures! Your inbox is full, so I'm posting here. I live in Tasmania. Please pm me or reply to this if you are still selling the figures in your list whenever you have time! :D Thank you very much! ♡
3 anno/i fa
Your inbox seems to be full again xD
Just curious about some of the prices of your figures!
Please PM when you have the chance c:
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