Oh my! An American!! There's an American among us!! Woow
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Sorry for the delayed reply! I've been having a big clean-out of all my stuff this past week or so which has been a big task.

Evangelion is a very deep show that will probably stick with me forever.
I'm not too far into the OreGairu manga yet, but I really enjoy the series as a whole, so no doubt I'll continue with it.
I've actually only watched the first episode! But it's at the top of my priority list to continue once things settle down.


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Ah yes, cost is usually the determining factor!
I almost bought volume 1 of Evangelion, but wanted to let my mental "scars" from watching the show heal first (or so to speak haha.) Perhaps I'll read it later down the track.
Thanks, and same to you!
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Sounds good! I have really enjoyed the series so far, but hopefully Yui gets a worthwhile ending for all her trouble. :)
I actually just received my Vol. 1 manga in the mail recently and can't wait to start reading it. The light novel looks great as well, so I might pick that one up someday.
Best of luck with your model kit builds!
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I'm currently on season 2, so not yet!
I am a bit worried about Yui from what I've heard, as I really just want her to be happy and have a nice ending.
That model kit looks great all assembled! Is Unit-00 your favourite? Mine has to be Eva Unit-01
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Hi momo-san, and thank you for the message.
I am very dedicated to Yui and think she is a truly wonderful person!
Also, I got that Rei figure to nicely compliment my Asuka :)
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Thanks for the welcome Tsuko-tan
Appreciate the tips for guidelines.
Hope to contribute to that joyous anime experience.
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Welcome to the board momo-san! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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