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I blog about anime. I have figures. Now also an IDOLM@STER Producer

Please also see my list for things for trade/sale! LIST #13101



7 anno/i fa
Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
Trying to cash in soon, just need to hear back from you.
7 anno/i fa
Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
Hey, can you get back to my last PM?...

Thanks in advance!
7 anno/i fa
I have updated my blog post now with all the items I'm trying to clear out. Again, feel free to make offers on things I'm selling, and if you buy a lot I'm inclined to give you a discount!

7 anno/i fa
Thanks for the great deal on selvaria! :)
7 anno/i fa
oh haha cool

are you local to the DC/Baltimore area?

omo8 anno/i fa#1046763NP. Found you through otakon forums sales post, lol.
8 anno/i fa
hi! Thanks for the FR
8 anno/i fa
omoThank you for coming to the panel! I'm not sure if my co-panelists are signed up. At least I think Andy isn't... their collections are pretty large-huge and it would take some effort to index them lol.

AX was a blast for me, hopefully it was the same (or better) for you.

Ahahaha awesome :D Yeah AX was really awesome got a lot of signatures and goodies :D This year was great!
9 anno/i fa
Hey Omo, this is Sasha from the AX panel you hosted, just wanted to say thanks for the prize :) Also, is any of the other people on the panel on this site? Just wondering. Thanks! Hope AX was fun!
9 anno/i fa
If you're wondering where to get the Yurippe dakimakura it's here ^^


Amiami will probably restock by tonight or tomorrow morning
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