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Hi, I just wanna to ask if you drafted a bunch of entries (such as ENTRY #193898) because of the profile pictures being samples? Most of them if not all dont have manufacturer provided actual product pictures (ENTRY #194130 I think these ones for instance and the sales have ended for a while). >_> If thats the case will they just remain drafted forever or would some less-official actual pictures be preferred?

Thank you and happy new year.
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picture/1081816... could i post this on my instagram account with credit?
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it was around $100 when I bought it. though some second-hand sellers might charge more or less depending where they are
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Thank you for being a moderator.
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Hello, what girl/anime is your profile pic from? It looks like something I would like ^^
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paTKany3 anno/i fa#26726236It was intentional. If still missing something from those alert them or PM me which ones needed to be draft.

Uh, okay? It's just weird since the ones missed were like half of the DR acrylics. So one half is connected to the collab & has all release dates while the other half doesn't. I'll drop you a PM.
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Thanks for the help with alert.php?mode=.... Some items were missed in the drafting process, so please draft them if possible (not sure if comments on completed alerts go through so I'm messaging here). I don't want to trouble you any further than that since the corrections required are pretty extensive. Will just fix them myself once the items are in draft. Thanks so much! ^^;;
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Hi. Sorry for the trouble, but could you help me? You put an alert on item #552001 because there was no ISBN code, but I can't find it on the book. There's no bar code. What do I do? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never put an entry up before.
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Thanks for your corrections!Thanks a lot!
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paTKany4 anno/i fa#7475236Look at any other manga entry (except doujinshi) in the DB. Anything more than one volume the Origin field should be used, not the title.
Oh i wasn't aware about this particularity. Thanks so !
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Those where the cute girls doing cute things.
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