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If u ordered & haven't received tracking will be sending today~!
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Hi! I’m very interested in your attack on titan eren Figure! Please let me know if it’s still available:)
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Hi I'm interested in your haruka water gun figure... Is it available and do you ship internationally?
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Hey! I hope you're doing well. Any updates on when you will send me the tracking link for the Mikasa figure? It's been nearly 3 weeks now since I paid and I haven't heard back from you. I'm sorry but if by the end of this week I don't receive a tracking link or proof of delivery I'm going to have to file a complaint with PayPal. I waited long enough and you said you'd ship it the week starting June 20th and I was even patient when you said there was a slight delay due to your laptop not working to print the shipping labels. I hope to hear back from you! Thank you.

After a long inactivity from the seller I filed & escalated a claim with PayPal. Our last conversation was the seller asking for a correction in my shipping address so I assumed the item was sent but no updates or tracking sent since July 14th and I paid on JUNE 19th. Don't know the seller's situation it's the first time I experienced something like this even though I always see the best out of a situation and be hopeful but this has taken too long.

UPDATE August 5th: PayPal decided the case was in my favor and I received a refund. The seller didn't even respond when PayPal messaged her to hear her side of the story. She had a week to do so but I didn't hear from her. Hope all is well with the seller and I'll be extra careful when buying from people on this site in the future.
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Hi! I'm interested in your attack on titan figures, let me know if they are still available
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Please message me very interested in the mikasa and eren figures!
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Hi! Please pm me if you are still selling figure of Levi and Eren
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