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I'm Alex and I am 28. I've been collecting different things all my life, and eventually it led me to figure collecting! I really only collect from series I absolutely love so my figure collection isn't that huge. Aside from figures I collect dolls (Pullip & BJD), manga, eos lip balm and Bath & Body Works FFMs.

My #1 fandom is and always will be Prince of Tennis. It's been a wonderful 14 year love affair and I'll never stop. (even if the fandom seems to have mostly died) Other series I really love are Haikyuu, Shaman King, Naruto, Hetalia, Homestuck and South Park.

I'm really into shipping and I really love Atobe/Jiroh and BokuAkaKuroKen. I have probably way too many ships to ever list, but I do have somewhat of a list on my tumblr!

If you want to be friends just send a request! I don't mind. :)

instagram: driflooning
tumblr: tipsygnostalgic
twitter: halroxy
LJ: redstars




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